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5 Types of Modest Swimsuits Bottoms for Women That Inspire Beauty

Modest swimsuits have been trending for the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why! These sexy swimsuit bottoms feature high waists and long skirts that will make you feel confident, feminine, and beautiful. Whether going on vacation or shopping with friends, these modest swimsuit bottoms will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish all day long!

High Waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms are a safe bet for modesty, but you’ll want to make sure they are high enough that your belly button doesn’t show. That bottom cut is typically extended and may even cover your hip bones! When you doubt what length to get, order two different heights and choose which covers your hips best. Most high-waist bottoms will sit below your natural waistline, where you should order them to fall.

If you have short legs, be aware that high-waist bottoms can sometimes ride up and create a muffin top effect around your midsection. In such a case, try ordering them lower or look into longer styles (like board shorts). Another option would be to pair these bottoms with an oversized top or cover-up –note that it may look more modest if there is some coverage over your tummy area. You can find great deals here for quality, comfortable, stylish swimwear.

High Waist Skirt with Bottom

Try a high-waisted skirt if you’re looking for modest swimwear bottoms to rock at your next pool party. Similar to its sister clothing, it fits around your waist while covering plenty of skin. Your friends won’t recognize you as soon as you walk in wearing one! There are different styles and sizes, so choose what works best for you! A plus is that it helps lengthen your legs. Get ready to wow everyone with your new look!

It will modestly expose your thighs without showing too much skin. And if you’re worried about how it might look on your body type, don’t be! You can easily style it to make sure that everything looks just right. For example, if you have a pear shape or are carrying extra weight on your hips, pair it with leggings to create an hourglass figure.

Long High Waist Boy Short

The high waist short provides full coverage up top and is super comfortable, making it an ideal option for beach-goers with a busy schedule. The long legs also mean you won’t have to worry about adjusting these bottoms as you walk from your towel to the water.

While these swim shorts aren’t cut as high as some of our other options, they still offer moderate rear coverage and are available in stylish prints! You can choose the micro-floral image or opt for solid black or navy blue. Long high-waist boy short offers a modest way to flaunt your body while staying cool. This style is made of nylon/spandex fabric and has a wide elastic band at the bottom hem for a secure fit.

Hipster Bottoms

Hipster’s bottoms are a great option for women who want to show off their curves. They’re made of either spandex or polyester and have a high waistband that sits at your natural waistline. If you’re looking for modest swimsuits, hipster’s bottoms are perfect because they still cover your butt and upper thighs while showing off your beautiful figure. Plus, you can choose from various styles, including plain, striped, floral, apricot dots, polka dots, solid colors, and more!

Classic Bottom

It’s hard to beat a classic swim bottom when it comes to style. Often featuring a high waist, modest coverage, and vibrant colors, these bottoms make an excellent choice for anyone who wants to feel extra stylish in their suit. Whether you choose a full-coverage or cheeky bottom style, classic bottoms are great for just about any body type and complement most tops.

For example, if you have an hourglass figure with more petite bust size, consider pairing your new swim top with one of our high-waisted bottoms that offer more coverage. Or, if you have larger hips or fuller bust size, go for one of our full-coverage bottoms to help balance out your figure while still offering plenty of support.


There are many modest swimsuits for women out there. Depending on your style and personality, you’ll be able to find one that suits you perfectly. However, it is essential to remember that modesty isn’t about hiding yourself in a baggy suit; instead, it is about dressing appropriately for your body type and respecting others. If you want to look great while staying true to your faith, these modest swimsuit bottoms will help inspire confidence and beauty in any woman!

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