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8 Best Apps To Help You Quit Smoking of 2021

Smoking cigarettes is the reason for 8 million deaths each year globally as per WHO. Where around 7 million smokers face death due to direct use of tobacco, others are those non-smokers who die to secondhand or passive smoking.

Since it is a powerful cause of a number of preventable diseases and acts as an enemy of healthy living, choose to download one of the best quit smoking apps in your phone to leave the toxic habit.

Special Note:

We did a Survey over 50 people who were addicted with smoking. Give them these app to try and as a result we curated this content for you to try best quit smoking apps if you have decided to quit and looking for an app to help you.

Many smokers say that they want to stop smoking but their brain tells them that smoking helps them in relieving stress and anxiety.

However, smoking increases anxiety and tension and even negatively affects structural integrity of brain regions. There are some best online resources for smoking cessation but stop smoking apps in your phone are a great help in a single click.

Best Quit Smoking Apps For You

1. QuitNow!


Available: iPhone & Android

Price: Free; Price starts $3.99

QuitNow! Is an incredible smoke free app as it mirrors your smoke free life for a better version. You can focus on four different sections with this application:

  • Your ex-smoker status: It shows you how many days you are free from smoke, money you could save and number of cigarettes you have avoided.
  • Achievements: When you divide the tasks into smaller and easy ones, quitting smoke becomes easier. Now you can celebrate each day with your achievements.
  • Community: Stay within non-smoking areas as you can find a community of people who are delving in the same journey.
  • Ex-smoker health: Find how your health improves day by day by this version.

With this, you can also find a number of frequently asked questions where tips about quitting smoke could be read as well.

2. Smoke Free


Available: iPhone & Android

Price: Free; Price starts at $0.99

A free quit smoking app, Smoke Free has reliable quitting methods to drop tobacco and conquer the cravings. What one can find here is to stop smoking coaches who provide professional advice, quit smoking tracker, achieve badges when you complete the task and health progress chart post smoking cessation.

This give up smoking app also allows you to share your progress with friends, gain your life back and save precious money that unnecessarily flows away in cigarettes.

3. Kwit


Available: iPhone

Price: Free; Price starts from $8.99

What interests you about this quit smoking app is integration of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which teaches you how to fight side effects of smoking cessation like craving. It also lets you keep a tracking diary when you leave smoking and vaping and the health improvement afterwards. 

These achievements would keep you motivated and provide future goals for motivation. If you are craving for smoke, shake your phone and get exclusive pieces of advice for encouragement.

4. Quit Tracker


Available: Android

Price: Free; in-app purchases per item

The motivation that this no smoking app provides is by showing how much money you can save when leaving smoking. It will also show you how much time you save by leaving cigarettes and regaining your life back. Thanks to the rewards that tag along with your achievements as the perfect motivational tool. As you will be able to see the timeline of quitting smoking, you can also notice the benefits your body is facing. Great, isn’t it?

5. My QuitBuddy App

myquitbuddy app to quit smoking

Available: iPhone

Price: Free

No matter what stage you are at, My QuitBuddy is a strong give up smoking app by forming manageable milestones. These milestones are your achievements and show progress while you get closer to goals. As you reach your goal, you feel good for saving money and feel proud of collecting them for other purposes. 

Entire community stands with you along with success stories, learnings as well as handy tips so that the journey of ups and downs could be managed swiftly.

5. Quit It Lite


Available: iPhone

Price: Free

Not a very fancy app like its competitors, this smoke free app puts in serious efforts for ex smokers to maintain their status and let present smokers drop the smoking session soon. You can see the benefits of quitting smoke and see the amount of money saved. Hence, define your goals and do not allow yourself to consume the tar for better health.

6. Flamy


Available: Android

Price: Free; in-app purchases per item

Flamy is making good efforts to improve your health and fitness by cutting down the smoking. It offers you small programs like ‘One less everyday’ or ‘14 days challenge’ to enjoy life without destroying your health. You can find a number of games to distract you when craving for smoke pops up. Thankfully, this quit smoking app acts as your buddy with whom you can achieve your goal and drop the idea of holding cigarettes again.

7. Quit Smoking: Stop Smoking Counter


Available: Android

Price: Free; in-app purchases per item

With this stop smoking app, set the goal of stop smoking and follow it consciously. The key ideas of Allen Carr are used to stop smoking, improve health and learn the benefits of quitting. The application allows you to see the number of cigarettes you did not have, money you saved, tar and nicotine that you saved yourself from and time you saved.

Stop Smoking, Start Living!

After learning about best stop smoking apps, we are hopeful that you will control your dangerous habit and save your lungs from getting tarred. Download any of the quit smoking apps from the above list and start living a smoke free life, starting from now!






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