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Best Free Online Therapists in 2021

Online therapy can be expensive. People who can not afford it or don’t have any medical insurance often look for online therapist for free. While free online therapy can be difficult to find, it is possible.

Benefits of Online Therapy:

1. Helps you to understand your emotion or stressors.

2. Helps you to understand what is more important for you and your wellness.

3. It offers emotional support and greater self confidence.

4. Online Therapy is more affordable than face to face counselling.

5. Online Therapy Give access to those people who live in remote area and dont have easy access to In person counseling.

6. You can get help from anywhere in the world.

Best Free Online Therapists in 2021:

1. eTherapyPro


AvailableiPhone Android

Price : 3 Days Free Trial /$40/week billed every 4 weeks at a rate of $160.00

eTherapy-Pro is a platform that provide online confidential counseling for depression , anxiety, stress. you can always connect with your counselor via Live Chat, Live Video, Phone Call. This platform is completely secure and you can maintain your anonymity not telling your name but just putting a nick name.

If you didn’t get the therapist of your match you can always contact them and they will find you a good match therapist. and if you want to cancel your plan you can do by following these simple steps:

1. Login to

2. Go to the “Account” page

3. Click “Cancel”

4. Click “Yes, cancel this membership”

2. 7 Cups

7 cups online therapy

Available: AndroidiPhone

Price : 3 Days Free Trial + $150 a month to Access More

7 Cups is a free peer-to-peer online counseling platform that provide therapy to both teen and adults. This app have 3 days free trial. if you are a teen and want to be listened for free, this platform is perfect for you.

However if you want to have a licensed therapist advice them you have to go for Paid version.

3. Doctor on Demand

doctor on demand

Price : free mental health assessment + $129 for a 25 minute and $179 for a 50-minute Session

Doctor on Demand is helpful for those who want some medication with therapy. They provide counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Postpartum, Relationships and Trauma.

4. ReGain

regain online therapy

Price : free 7 Day Trial + ReGain starts at $60 per week,

If you want to improve your relationship or any sort of couple issues the regain is the great fit for you. If you want to attend therapy session with your partner, regain provide you option for that also.

Moreover if you want to stay anonymous while doing the therapy, you can do it by choosing nick name. Its completely safe and secure. if you don’t like your matched therapist, you can apply for changing the therapist.

5. Therapy Aid

Therapy Aid

Price : free 7 Day Trial + $50

Therapy Aid connect essential workers to support groups and therapist. They have 1000+ therapist with the goal of free training and continuing education opportunities reducing burnout issues.

To sign up you need to fill a questionnaire  and the price you are willing to pay from $0 to $50.

6. iPrevail


Price : Free

iPrevail helps you to Get on demand online mental health support 24/7. This not only provide you therapist access but Helps you to connect with others with similar situation moreover you can stay anonymous during this process.

iPrevail helps you understand your emotions well so that you can remain calm and find your purpose. to Sign up you need to fill a questionnaire to help therapist know you better.

7. Bliss by the Centre of Interactive Mental Health Solutions

Bliss by the Centre of Interactive Mental Health Solutions

Price : Free 8 Session

if you dont want a person dont want to be committed to your therapist or a busy parent who only have a time going before bed then Bliss is beneficial for you.

Bliss is cognitive behavioral therapy based program that helps you to understand you mood and how to handle hard situation. You can join these session anytime according to you.

Thing to to know while Finding Free Online Therapists:

Final Words: 

we agree that managing your mental health doesn’t have to expensive. That is why we made a list of free online therapy providers. Let us know in comment which therapy you are choosing.

IF YOU ARE FEELING SUICIDAL, CALL 911 or The National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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