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Betterhelp vs Talkspace : Which is Better Online Therapy?

Due to isolation and lockdown situations, in-person therapies went outdated and the trend of Video Therapy sessions eased up people suffering from mental health issues. Most popular online therapy provider Talkspace and betterhelp made it very easy and more accessible  for people.

There are dozens of mental health services that offer online therapy sessions as well as in-person therapies. Everyone offers competitive service however choosing the best that fits your requirements can be a challenging task.

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We have reviewed, compared and examined the two leading telehealth service providers Betterhelp and Talkspace and also interviewed a few patients and therapists to provide you the valuable information.

1. BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Pricing Difference

As the first thing came in mind before trying any online therapy is whether it is affordable or not. so we are giving you a pricing comparison between betterhelp and talkspace.

BetterHelp Pricing Talkspace Pricing
$65 for weekly sessions with unlimited text, video, or audio messaging, and one weekly live session. $65/week for text, video, and audio messaging with five responses per week from a therapist.
membership billed for a month at $260 $79/week for text, video, and audio messaging +five responses/week + one live video session/month
You can Pay Weekly, Monthly , Quarterly or Annually $99/week for text, video, and audio messaging + five responses/week+ four live video sessions /month
Can pay using credit and debit cards and Google Pay. You can avail benefit by insurance plans, Employee assistance programs or universities.
Here you can pay Monthly, or in 3 months or in 6 months.
 Accept credit, debit cards ,Google Pay and other medium also.
Round 1:
Point For: Tie (1 Point for Betterhelp and 1 for Talkspace)
Verdict: Pricing of both talkspace and betterhelp therapy are almost the same according to feature provided.

2. BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Important Features

Product Name Betterhelp Talkspace
Usability Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both) + Desktop Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both) + Desktop
HIPPA Compliant Yes Yes
Year Founded 2016 2012
Price Starts from $40-$70 / Week Starts from $48-$99 / Week + $65 for video session
Payment options Credit card or PayPal, Google Pay Credit card or PayPal, Google Pay
Free Trial Available 7 Day Free Trial No
Session Types Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging
Service offered  Unlimited messaging and weekly real-time counseling sessions even in basic plan. Unlimited messaging for real-time counseling you need to go for pro version.
Therapist Qualification 12k+ Therapist with 3 years and more exp of providing therapy. 2k+ therapist with hands on experience.
Cancellation Policy Available Available
Round 2:
Point For: Betterhelp online Therapy
Verdict: Betterhelp has more hands here because of free trial and video counseling feature available even in basic plan.

3. BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Sign up Process

Signup process of both talkspace and betterhelp is easy. In both you need to fill a questionnaire about you, your feelings, life and symptoms to know you better. The difference is:

In betterhelp you from questionnaire to allocation of therapist, the whole process of automated and in most cases you will get your therapist on 24 hours.

In Talkspace Human guidance(Live chat) will be provided During the questionnaire and sign up process. After completion of sign up you will be provide 3-5 therapist to choose from.

Round 3:
Point For: Talkspace online Therapy
Verdict: Talkspace has made the signup process more easy for user by introducing live chat option.

4. BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Changing The Therapist

In both Betterhelp and talkspace you can change the therapist as many time as you want. The difference is:

In Betterhelp you will be give 20 options to choose the therapist but in opposite Talkspace doesn’t provide you the option to choose. you can only put a request and you your matching agent will review the process and allocate new therapist.

Round 4:
Point For: Betterhelp online Therapy
Verdict: Betterhelp give you the option to choose your therapist but in talkspace whole process id automated.

5. BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Other Feature

If you are a teen or couple and want to join Therapy, Talkspace do have a solution for you but Betterhelp do not completely focus on Teen and couple counselling but Betterhelp do has its sister websites and

If you want to connect your therapist via phone call, Talkspace doesn’t allow for that but in Betterhelp you can consult you therapist via phone call.

Talkspace recently introduced psychiatry services but Betterhelp only focus on providing therapy and consultation.

Round 5:
Point For: Tie (1 Point for Betterhelp and 1 for Talkspace)
Verdict: Betterhelp has phone call services to connect with therapist but in opposite Talkspace has psychiatry services to influence user.

Final verdict : Which is Better between Talkspace and Betterhelp

As the Most of Hands goes to Betterhelp, so we suggest you to go for Betterhelp if you are beginner. If you have EAP or insurance plan and if you think you might need medication to treat your symptoms then we would suggest you to go for Talkspace.

But if you want can’t afford therapy and want financial aid then we suggest you to go for Betterhelp because of its affordable plans and financial aid availability.

Note: Both Services are not for emergency help. If you’re thinking about harming yourself or someone else, you can get immediate help by contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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