Finding the Right Fragrances For You
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Buying Perfume 101: Finding the Right Fragrances For You

The art of smelling good dates back thousands of years to the incense-based creations of a chemist in Mesopotamia. Today, the perfume industry is worth a staggering $3 billion, with a huge range of varieties on offer.

There’s a perfume for everyone these days, but it takes a little work to find the perfect match for you. Here’s your guide to buying perfume that suits your unique personality and style.

Things to Know When Buying Perfume

Whether you’re browsing a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online, you’re bound to come across a bewildering array of new terminology in your search for a glorious scent.

These are the ones that play a major role in which perfume suits you best.

Base, Middle, and Top Notes

Notes refer to how the ingredients of the perfume interact with the wearer.

The top note is the smell that hits you when you sniff perfume from its bottle. This heady scent soon makes way for the heart, or middle notes, while the base note is the smell that sticks around for the longest on your skin.

Scent Profile

The scent profile refers to the ingredients that make up a perfume and how they work together. Each perfume profile reacts differently with individuals.

So, a perfume that smells great on your friend might not suit you as well.

Fragrance Families

There are two main types of fragrances. The warm category comprises leather, oriental, and Fougere fragrances, while the Fresh group consists of aromatic, citrus, and floral notes.

Chypre and woody fragrances comprise elements of both groups.

Popular Designer Fragrances

Some perfumes have achieved worldwide acclaim due to their exquisite blend of fragrances. We’re all familiar with the everlasting fame of Chanel’s luxury fragrances, but there are plenty of others to choose from, including:

These are excellent choices when it comes to choosing a gift for someone else since they suit a large variety of people. Yet, that doesn’t guarantee they’re the perfect match for you.

Rather, try these tips for picking a perfume that suits you best:

Test Drive Three Scents at a Time

You should only sniff three perfumes per visit to the store. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming your olfactory sense.

Spray a small sample of each on a different pulse point and leave the store. Then go about your day taking note of how the scent develops over time.

Ease Yourself Into the Process

Start with the gentler, aqueous, or musk scents. They’re clean, light, fresh smells and most people find them pleasant.

If you want something with more punch, you can move on to the citrus, then woody and floral varieties.

Check Back Regularly

During your trial run with a scent, you might notice that you want to keep smelling one of the scents more than the others. This is the one you’re naturally drawn to, and you should give it a second chance on its own.

The Psychology of Scent

Apart from your physical makeup and personality, your psyche has got a lot to do with your scent preferences. Even the trendiest, most wonderful smells might create feelings of unease that you can’t quite put your finger on.

When you’re buying perfume, rather search for fragrances that create feel-good emotions.

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