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These Facts About Embroidered Apparel Will Surprise You

Apart from colors and the type, one thing that attracts women and girls to clothing is embroidery. Embroidered apparels are famous all across the world, but do you know when it came into existence?

Embroidery is famous worldwide; it originated in China and the eastern side of the world; it can be traced back to 30,000 BC (Cro-Magnon days). Archeologists have found that fossilized remains have hand-stitched embroidered apparel on them.

Embroidered apparel has always been important in the medieval Islamic world, as women who wore it showed that they belonged to high society. In cities like Cairo, Damascus, Istanbul, the embroidery was also found on covers, pouches, robes, and uniforms. Flags etc.

Later on, in the 18th century, embroidered apparel was used for marking girls’ transition to women and showed it as social standing. Then in the 1900s, mail orders had embroidery on them so that this art could be popularised. And thus, embroidery became famous all over the world. So from being an object of luxury, it became the choice of the masses.

Embroidered apparel has always stood apart and has gained the attention of the masses because of how dainty and pretty it looks. In the Indian subcontinent, embroidered apparel holds extraordinary significance. Women and girls wear it in marriages and during special occasions.

You’ll be surprised to know that embroidered apparel has many advantages, the first being it is made up of high-quality yarns, and by buying them, you are supporting the local artisans who are involved in embroidery.

Embroidery is done by hand, and it is only done on heavy and long-lasting clothing as these pieces can hold the threads properly.

  • Revival of hand embroidery

In recent years, hand-embroidered apparel has gained a lot of popularity because of social media sites and the internet. All the artists predominantly residing in rural areas. Their work is now being shared extensively, and each and everyone is noticing it, and many artists believe that their work is being popularised all because of their online presence.

  • Machine and hand-based embroidery

Machine embroidery is just like using a sewing machine, and the designs are made through digitizations. The software will allow the designer to digitize the pattern in whichever way they want to. This is why it is cheap, and anyone can afford it. This is also the reason why it is looked upon by everyone.

Now that you are aware of everything let’s take a look at the things you need to keep in mind while buying Embroidered apparel

  1. First and foremost, the cost: The cost usually depends on the size, the complexity of the design, and the embroider’s time. The majority of the embroiders charge by the jumper of stitches they do on the design.


  1. Ask about threads and backing: whenever you get your clothes embroidered, most artisans use polyester as it is durable, and the color lasts longer. The next option is Rayon and cotton. The only downside of Rayon is that it will fade over the years. As far as the backing is concerned, make sure that the backing they are using does not shrink and the design does not start or pucker after washing.


  1. Take a look at their samples: Whenever you decide to get embroidery done, always take a look at their previous work, this will give you the idea of what is going to be done, the size, and the general appearance of the clothing.


Embroidered apparels are famous worldwide and can be found legit anywhere, but keep in mind that the apparel that will last long will be made from quality and expensive material; follow the above steps, do thorough research, and then go for it.

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