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Important Health Benefits Of Beetroot + Nutrition Facts

Beetroot is a nutrition bomb. Irrespective of the method of intake, juice, salad, toast, chutney, or sabji beets have it all in for you. There are many benefits of beetroot like It is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Phosphorus. It is a root vegetable and almost every cuisine in the world uses beetroot in one form or another. The famous Borscht or beetroot soup is a traditional European dish.

Beets are found in varying colors from dark purple to white. Most commonly found and used beets are dark purple, golden and white ones. They are sweet in taste and initially were discovered for extracting sugar from them. Beet’s charm has made it indispensable in many recipes from street food to fine dining desserts.

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15 Health Benefits of Beetroot:

health benefits and nutrition of beetroot

If you are looking for the health benefits of beetroot and its nutritional value, then you are in the right place. Come. Let us see what beetroot has to offer us:

1. More in Just a Few –

Beets offer high nutritional value in just a few calories. It is packed with nutrients like vitamins, phosphorus, fiber, manganese, potassium, protein, folate, collagen, zinc, and iron. All of these in just one serving, that is 44 calories.

Besides beetroots have inorganic nitrates and plant compounds like pigments which add to the beneficial value. With just one serving of beetroot a day, you are likely to get all the vitamins and minerals you require. beets are an excellent source of folic acid.

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2. Regulates Blood Pressure –

Beetroots are known for the rich nitrates in them that regulates blood pressure. One of the most Common benefit of beets is heart problems arise when the heart is unable to pump blood due to contraction.  The rich nitrates in the beets help reduce the blood pressure by about 4-10mg during systolic pressure.

beets act good in relaxing the heart and so blood can flow without any hurdles.  The nitrate levels will be high up to 7 hours from intake. On regular consumption of beets, the outcomes are marvelous.

3. Improves Blood Oxygen Levels –

The nutrients present in beets boost physical activity and it improves stamina for athletic actions. It is been boasted as the best natural energy booster available to keep you active. Studies on athletic men have proven that physical activity has improved and athletic performance has improved due to beet intake.

The peak athletic activity can be found within 2-3 hours of intake and it is highly recommended to take in that span of time before the performance. This is due to increased oxygen supply to the blood.

4. Improves Digestion –

As beets are a good source of dietary fibers they are said to improve digestion in many ways. beets are wholesome food that will keep you filled and postpone your appetite.

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5. Anti-Carcinogenic –

The antioxidants reduce cells and kill cancerous cells. However the current studies are limited, the addition of beets in your daily meal will help you gain immunity against cancer. Studies show that the coloring pigments in beets help reduce the cancer cells in rats.

6. Anti-Inflammatory –

They are rich in nutrients that are used to reduce inflammation in inner organs. These nutrients are called betalain. They are good to fight against obesity, heart problems, and liver problems because of the anti-inflammation.

Studies on humans with betalain capsules show promising results. We have limited resources and researches in this field but the outcome will be promising according to researchers.

7. Reduces Risk of Dementia –

They are rich in phosphorous that are very good nutrients for brain activity. Test prove that they are helpful in reducing dementia.

ON continuous intake of beets the brain activity said to improve 4%  above those who avoid beets. The nitrates are helpful in real-time and quick decision making.

8. Catalytic to Weight Loss –

Boost the weight loss process in unthinkable ways. beetroots are rich in fiber and a good sugar substitute. Can add beets to your regular purees and juice to get the sugary flavor.

They are filled with nutrients and added to them they have fewer calories. the rich fiber reduces appetite and keeps you full for a long time thus promoting weight loss. High water content keeps you hydrated and active.

9. High Anti-Oxidants –

The betalains bioactive compounds and phytonutrients found in plants are found to be acting as in-vitro and in-vivo antioxidants that reduce the inflammatory stress on sensitive organs like the liver.

The nutrients in beets are important for cell health and DNA. their anti-oxidants are good at fighting against cancerous cells. The group of antioxidants that beets possess clean the blood.

10. High Inorganic Compounds –

Beets are known for their exceptionally high nutritional value of inorganic compounds like nitrates, nitric acids, and nitrites. It also has betalains which is a bioactive compound.

These bioactive compounds are used in the food processing industry. The natural color of beets is used in food color and dying.

11. Protects Liver –

Its oxidative contents remove toxins from the body and improves liver health. It is rich in vitamins that regulate liver functions and reduces inflammation if any.

Even studies prove that regular intake of beets has improved liver health in rodents. The antioxidant compound present in the beets reduces liver damage and boosts immunity.

On regular consumption, beets improve detoxifying enzymes that eventually improve liver health. It is good for fatty liver conditions.

12. Prevents Anemia –

Anemia is due to the low iron content in the blood. Some common symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and headache. Beets are advised for anemic patients as they are iron-rich. It is a must included diet for people who have ulcers or someone who has lost blood due to surgery or accident.

Blood loss causes anemia which can be rectified naturally by consuming iron-rich fruits and veggies like pomegranates and beets. Include beet juice in your diet to overcome anemia.

13. Easy Dieting –

Beets are delicious food to be included in one’s meal. They are a happy meal for kids and adults because of the color, texture, and flavor. The sugary flavor in beets makes them an attractive dish.

From soups to desserts, beets can be added to any part of a full meal course. They are easy to include. Beets salad and beet dips are common evenings healthy snacks. Do not overcook beets since the dietary nitrates are soluble in water.

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14. Decor –

Beets have occupied the organic food coloring industry for their rich purple color bio compounds. Cake decorations and salad plating include beets in a wide range. They have a front-row seat while plating delicious dishes and pastries. Even beet purees have become popular in cake decorations and pastry decors.

15. Medicinal Values –

Ayurveda, Siddha, and ingenious Indian medicines use beets in a varied compound for treating illness. The whole plant including leaves is used in preparing medicinal compounds in ayurvedic medicines.


Having beets on a regular basis, some people may experience beeturia, the urine may be pink or red in color which is normal. Overconsumption of beets by people who have a history of kidney problems leads to stones in the kidney. It is because of high oxalate in beets.

They are low in calories, delicious vegetables known for their sweet taste. You can try a balanced diet with beets in soups, savories, and full course meals. There are many recipes available online.

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