How To Apply Eyeshadow
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How To Apply Eyeshadow – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

By putting on your eye make-up, your eye beauty can be taken to another level. Adding a ton of depth and dimension to your eyes is possible with eye shadow. The thing that is most important to correct in the eye shadow application is to make sure the colors are blended nicely.

To successfully experiment with different looks, you must start with strong fundamentals. But if you’re new to this, it may seem intimidating because you don’t know what to do with your eye shadow. You can’t just determine which colors to choose or which type of brushes you would want to have.

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But you don’t need to get worried. We’ve thought about every issue you could confront while applying eye shadow and figured out a way to make applying eye shadow as simple as pie. Let’s take it all the way and Learn how to apply eye shadow.

What to keep in Mind While Applying Eye Shadow:

eyeshadow look

Learning how to apply eye shadow is a learned skill, figuring out what looks best with your eye shape will also take some experimentation. It is a skilled process as well as an art to applying eye shadow.

An eye shadow look can go a long way in helping to identify if you appear to be a sexy diva or a raccoon on the hunt for food. It is essential to consider numerous aspects before making the final decision, such as choosing an eye shadow palette that matches your skin eye shape, and eye color, and selecting the best makeup brush.

Step 1 – Understanding Color Palettes

Palettes come in all different shapes and sizes, but the vast majority of palettes only need four different colors to create a makeup look. To begin with, take into consideration your eye color when choosing an eye shadow shade.

When it comes to eye color, you are lucky if you have brown or hazel eyes because they look great with nearly any other color. But blues and purples truly stand out, thanks to their vividness. Green eyes harmonize with various colors, such as reddish and purplish hues.

Warm colors, meanwhile, look their best on people with blue eyes. It’s important to follow a few things when picking out shades to put together as a single eyeshadow palette. It is very important to include a neutral shade.

Using these shades is beneficial to your look because it means you’ll be able to wear your style for longer. When choosing three colors— choose one with a darker shade, one with a lighter shade, and one with a medium shade.

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Step 2 – Choosing Right Tools

Face it: An artist needs their tools to make something good. Your canvas is all set; you have the colors and eye shadow brushes you want to use, so now you just need to make sure you have the best brushes on hand.

Each eyeshadow brush serves a specific purpose, as it enables you to achieve a flawlessly blended look. Find the right size brush to facilitate your desired look.

Use brushes that are neither too big nor too small for your eye shape. Smaller brushes will help you to more accurately apply your makeup, which helps you to minimize the cleanup required.

How to Apply Eye shadow: Step by Step Beginner Guide

Step 1 – Never forget Primer

Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Just like eyelash primer helps your mascara work its way to the very last corner of your eye, eyeshadow primer works in the same way for your eyeshadow. There is nothing worse than having your eyeshadow drip down your face because you are sweating.

Eyeshadow application begins with an eye primer because that is how you can make your eyes appear brighter. Keep in mind that this step is particularly important if you have oily lids that have a difficult time keeping eyeshadow in place for the majority of the day.

Applying the eye primer to the outer corner of your eye is a process that can be done using only your ring finger. Eye primer can help your eyeshadow to apply more smoothly and last throughout the day, When applying eyeshadow, the use of an eye primer can cause the eyeshadow to crease faster, look less pigmented, or apply unevenly.

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Step 2: Lay Your Foundation

Lay Your Foundation

Your neutral color is always the first thing you should begin with. Use a clean, dry eyeshadow brush to apply a neutral base shade from the center of your lid up to your brow bone. In this step, you’ll make your eyes look brighter as well as get them ready for the rest of the colors you’ll be using. While also concealing any discoloration on your lids, doing this step will help a lot.

Cover your lid with a wide brush and you’ll have complete coverage. Four colors look good, but on occasion, it is possible to use other combinations. If you want a day look with a bit of fun, go with a shimmery, pretty color to wear, or something natural if you want to wear eyeshadow while out during the day. Alternatively, if you want a more dramatic nighttime look, choose a darker shade.

Step 3- Color Your Crease

Step 3- Color Your Crease

Apply your eyeshadow as a gradient, with the lightest shades on the bottom and deepest ones on the top. It is always best to start with lighter colors and work your way up to darker ones to prevent the use of too much pigment.

To make your eyeshadow look its best, you must start with a transition shade in the crease. Once you get your crease done, you can start to blend colors out in an unbroken line from your lash line all the way to your brow bone. While using light sweeping motions, slowly blend and diffuse your chosen color into the lines of your crease.

You should always go in with a darker color once your transition shade has been applied. This will further define the crease and add depth and dimension to the look.

It is important to select a darker color that will allow you to blend into the groove in your eyelid. After you’ve created your crease, you’re enhancing the visual impression of your eyes, which can help make your eyes appear bigger and wider.

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When using color palettes, you should choose one of the darkest two colors or the third darkest color, which will depend on how many palettes you are using. In cosmetics, this crease color is often referred to as a transition shade.

Step 4 – Line and Define

Step 4 - Line and Define

You are now prepared to apply eyeliner to the outer rims of your lashes or to use eyeshadow in dark tones to enhance your eye looks. It is especially important not to apply eyeliner directly to the waterline because it can cause permanent eye damage.

You should learn how to distinguish between the waterline and the brush bristles so you don’t accidentally poke one or the other in your eye. A softer, less defined look can be achieved by applying a liner on your lower lash line, rather than your waterline.
Last Words

Fantastic! You mastered applying eyeshadow to your eye makeup. Liquid lipstick is the finishing touch to this look, adding an extra pop of color to your pout.

You also check this Video Breakout to apply  Eye shadow easily:

Hopefully, it looks good on you, otherwise, you might want to consider trying again with different color options that better suit your skin tone. If you have trouble choosing your colors, you may find it easier to use one of the ready-made palettes specific to your eye color. Using the palette, the application of makeup shades becomes much simpler, and you can focus on perfecting your technique.

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