How to Take Care of Linen Clothes
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How to Take Care of Linen Clothes?

What happened to be a really important textile, because of its usage in wrapping mummies, in ancient Egypt, Italian Linen clothing is still winning our hearts because of its breathable texture, comfortable feel, and super absorbent nature.

Linen is a sturdy fabric that is sustainable in nature, and is made from flax fibres, and has been used to make linen textiles since the last 6,000 years.

The fibre of Linen is at least two to three times sturdier than cotton fibres. Linen is a good conductor of heat and is often used to make beddings and other upholsteries. It bleeds less and thus holds dyed colours better than that of any other fabrics available in the market.

But the only drawback is that Linen is notoriously prone to wrinkles. It is not as elastic as other textiles. The creases are rigid and are there to stay.


So what, if this multifaceted textile needs a little more care and careful handling? We are able to do that. And for that we present to you a guide to take special care of these darlings.

How to Keep Your Linen Clothes Looking Amazing?

Step 1: Cleaning

Though linen apparels look sophisticated and dainty, they are nothing near that. They are in reality surprisingly durable. The manufacturers make sure to mention the cleaning method on the label itself, and we should abide by that for a particular piece.

Linen clothes usually need to be dry-washed or hand-washed. Machine wash too is allowed sometimes, depending upon the fibre mix.

But for daily wear linen shirts, shorts, skirts etc, you can hand-wash them in cold water to increase its longevity. Detergents are a big NO-NO! You can rather use a mild soap suitable for delicate fabrics.

To hand-wash your outfits, place the clothes in a bucket filled with cold water and just a little bit of the mild soap. Wash your clothes gently in the soapy water, and remove them. Wash them now in clean cold water until the clothes are soap-free.

But what if they have stains on them? Mild washing obviously cannot remove the stubborn stains. Then what? Club soda works best to remove stain from your linen dress. A hairspray or rubbing alcohol too work, but make sure you do a patch test (to check the colour bleeding) before you apply it wholly.

Step 2: Drying

After you are done with washing your outfits, air dry it by hanging it from a padded hanger. You can also let it dry naturally by laying it flat on a rack for drying clothes. Tumble drying is not really suggested, but if you want to, tumble dry them on low for not more than five minutes.

Never wring your linen outfits to remove excess water. Rather you can place them in between towels and let the towels soak up the moisture.

Step 3: Ironing

You can use a steam iron for ironing your Linen garments. Set it on the Linen mode and iron while the garment is still damp. If not, sprinkle some water to remove the wrinkles more effectively and get a crisp linen apparel.

And finally,

Step 4: Storage

Storing Linen clothes is similar to the way they are dried, laid flat or hanged from a padded hanger, in a well-ventilated almirah or wardrobe. Try to re-fold your linen garments every six months to prevent excess pressure on a particular area.

But wrinkles on linen outfits look natural. Try to embrace them and carry yourself confidently without giving it a thought that people might frown.

Linen apparels are loved globally. Italian Linen tunics, paired with linen trousers for that important meeting at office or shorts for that Sunday brunch work absolutely perfect. Websites like Belle Love Clothing have a huge range of linen outfits for you. Check those out today!

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