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Keep up With Fashion Trends With Air Jordan Release Dates 2021

Did you know that the sneaker resale market is valued at around $1 billion? However, the sneaker market is changing constantly. And because of the fast-selling technique, many “sneakerheads” find it hard to keep up with new releases.

Luckily, our guide is here to help you be on top of all of the Air Jordan 2021 releases. So if you’re ready to have the best shoe game, keep reading!

Difference between Jordans and Nike’s Air Jordans

The first Air Jordan was officially released in 1985 with the help of Nike. And since Jordans are made with Nike Air technology, the Jordan brand is owned by them.

However, Jordan and Nike have released collaborative shoes hence the name Air Jordans. Overall, Air Jordans are shoes designed by Jordan and Nike. While Jordans are designed by the Jordan team and produced by Nike!

Tips for Getting Air Jordans before They Sell Out

Getting an Air Jordan 1 2021 can be very difficult because of bots and different troubleshooting issues on websites. However, there are ways you can avoid missing out on the latest men’s Air Jordans and women’s Air Jordans!

For starters, you should know exactly what you’re getting and where they are being sold. For example, if you want a pair of retro 4, do research on who is selling them. Sometimes these websites have time limits, so make sure you know your exact size.

If the website has released a time and date for the sale, make sure you are early. It’s also best to have a backup person to buy the shoes for you just in case you have technical difficulties.

For online websites, the sale times can be pretty late at night or early in the morning. So set your alarm at least 30 minutes before the shoe goes on sale. You should also have all of your credit card information set up and ready to go!

Air Jordan Release Dates 2021

Air Jordan 2021 releases are expected to drop at various times throughout the year. If you keep up with sneaker bloggers then you might know about some of the crazy collaborations that are coming.

However, these bloggers always fail to mention dates. Luckily we’ve provided a list of sneakers and their release dates down below!

Air Jordan 1 Pollen

Starting off strong, the Air Jordan 1 2021 “Pollen” is scheduled to have a tentative release on August 21st. Many sneaker lovers are comparing the Pollens to the Wu-Tang Dunks from 1999. Not to mention, the Wu-Tang Clans would often refer to themselves as the killer bees.

And with the name “Pollen”, many are speculating that their correlation to one another. Overall, the mustard yellow and black nylon details pair amazingly together, making it a very sought-after sneaker.

Billie Eilish X Air Jordan 1 Ko

If you’ve been looking for the next women’s Air Jordans then the Billie Eilish 1 KO could be your next pair!

The release date for these amazing shoes is scheduled for September 9th. These sneakers have been teased since 2019 when Billie Eilish did an interview with Complex’s Sneaker Shopping and said she had a future Jordan collab coming!

Since then, Air Jordan fans have been patiently awaiting the release. Overall, the highlight color is great for those who love colorful shoes!

The shoe has not been officially announced. However, leaked images also show Billes iconic stick-figure logo and name on the tongue tagalong.

Air Jordan 5 Orange Blaze

The Jordan 5 Orange Blaze is scheduled to hit the market on September 25th. These great sneakers are layered with top-quality leather on the upper level with hints of black on the eyelets.

The tongue is fully reflective and pairs great with the semi-translucent outsole. The body of the shoes is orange and black and has the Jumpman logos on the heel and tongue.

Air Jordan 12 Royalty

The Air Jordan 12’s are set to release on October 9th! These men’s Air Jordans are similar to the Air Jordan 4’s. However, there are some differences. For example, the 12’s include more gold details and they have a better sock liner.

The body of the shoe is white with gold details. And the toe overlays and soles are black. Overall, the color scheme of these Air Jordans pairs great together!

Air Jordan 6 Low Day of the Dead

The Air Jordan 6 was released back in 2015 for a very limited time. Now they’re rumored to be coming back on Halloween day of 2021. However, they are rumored to have some slight differences. For example, many are saying that the color pallet will have shades of white, yellow, orange, and black.

However, there are no official photos of the shoe at this moment. Nevertheless, you should still look out for this sneaker especially if you were able to buy the original Air Jordan 6!

Air Jordan 3 Racer Blue

The Racer Blue’s are suspected to release on February 12th. The white and blue concept is something that Air Jordan fans have seen before.

However, the combination of a low and high-top form, makes them perfect for those who want some structure but without having to compromise wearability. Overall, if youre looking for a pair of Air Jordans that you can wear daily, then the Racer Blues are perfect!

Air Jordan 6 Retro Midnight Navy

On November 26 is when the Midnight Navy’s are set to release. These sneakers were originally released back in 2000 and quickly became a popular sneaker.

Now, these sneakers are making a comeback and many sneakerheads are ready to get their hands on them. And it’s no wonder why there so popular. The white body and structured design make this a perfect sneaker for those who like a clean look.

Some even say the Midnight Navy’s are similar to the Sport Blue’s because of the color blocking design. Overall, the Navy color accents, White leather body, the Jumpman logo, and translucent outsole complete the design.

Be the First to Cop These Sneakers

Now that you know about the Air Jordan release dates 2021, you can be the first to buy these hot sneakers! Remember to act fast and have a plan of action. Especially since these 2021, Air Jordan releases are already getting so much hype.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to check out the rest of our website for the latest sneaker drops!

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