List of Mental Health Websites
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List of Mental Health Websites

Nowadays, We are all jampacked in our busy lifestyle as we thrive to succeed in life. It’s obvious for us to suffer depression or anxiety because of our lifestyle. We should maintain our mental ability to lead a successful life. Tele medicines are a simple solution to overcome mental disorders.

Here is a roundup of some popular mental health websites that can guide you to maintain mental wellbeing. These awesome web services will assist you to overcome mental issues in life.

Top 10 Best Mental Health Websites:


This genuine award-winning site is a one-stop solution for all your psychological problems. Psychcentral can assist and guide you to overcome your mental barriers. With 25 years of well-established service, this has turned out to be the best mental health website that holds a large group of satisfied patients.


  •         Provides a solution for all mental issues
  •         We can select a therapist of our choice
  •         Quiz based problem analyzing
  •         Psychiatric medications assistance


  •         Addictions
  •         Anxiety and panic
  •         Autism
  •         Depression
  •         Psychotherapy
  •         Bipolar disorder, and many more.

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Being the largest e-counseling platform, this site can assist you with all your mental issues. With an experienced group of counselors, this site will offer excellent service to their clients. You can avail of online therapy as well as online counseling from experts.


  •         Licensed and experienced psychologists available
  •         Custom mode of communication
  •         Counseling for individuals, couples as well as teens
  •         Face-to-face therapy


  •         Depression
  •         Anxiety
  •         Dementia
  •         Domestic violence
  •         Eating disorders
  •         Impulse-control disorder and many more

3. is an information-sharing forum. Using this page you can grab some efficient guidance to your mental illness. The unique content available on the site can assist you with issues related to mental health.


  •         Online quiz to enhance mental wellbeing
  •         Featured articles about psychiatric problems
  •         Daily tips and quotes for good mental health
  •         An excellent database about mental barriers


  •         Addiction
  •         Eating disorder
  •         Autism
  •         Schizophrenia
  •         Anxiety
  •         Mental health and wellbeing

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Calm is a meditation and relaxation site that can enhance your mental health. This site can be accessed through the desktop browser or can be used as a downloadable app for smart mobiles. The site is having an exclusive collection of videos and content that can bring out inner peace.


  •         Extraordinary meditation classes
  •         Inbuilt stress-relieving activities
  •         Can be used in mobile and personal computers
  •         Talented instructors with an excellent skillset


  •         Mental and physical health issues
  •         Improved behavioral strategies
  •         Prenatal stress reduction
  •         Stress disturbance


7cups is a free emotional-support site providing online therapy for mental issues. The site is a popular mental health website equipped with professional therapists who can help you with your wellbeing. Trained listeners are available with the site who can listen to your emotions and support you to overcome mental disorders.


  •         More than 180 online professional therapists
  •         Online chat options with caring listeners
  •         Multi-device compatibility
  •         Inbuilt chat rooms and forums


  •         Unhealthy behavior patterns
  •         Overcoming trauma or abuse
  •         Depression, and anxiety
  •         Recovering from grief or personal loss


This amazing site will assist you in staying with good mental stability. Myhappify site is inbuilt with tests to analyze yourself and solutions to enhance your mental ability. The site has activities and games related to mental ability.


  •         Inbuilt exercise to impart positive thoughts
  •         Multi-device accessibility
  •         Tests to regulate emotions
  •         Creative content on mental wellbeing


  •         Reduces negative thoughts
  •         Improves Confidence and self- esteem
  •         Reduces stress and anxiety
  •         Increases optimism


Talkspace is a wonderful site that can accompany you in the tedious process of solving your mental issues. The site is equipped with experienced therapists who can guide you online. They can provide online therapy for enhancing your mental health and overcome mental disorders.


  •         More than a thousand approved therapists
  •         Excellent customer support
  •         Millions of Talkspace users
  •         Scheduled online sessions


  •         Mental health care
  •         Prescription management
  •         Anxiety management
  •         Messaging therapy


The Verywellmind being a trustworthy and popular mental health website that offers peculiar content to improve your mental health. The site also has online counseling features and inbuilt doctors’ discussion forum. Users can self analyze themselves by attending an online quiz available on the site.


  •         More than 100 writers
  •         Real-time chat options
  •         Online therapy
  •         Unique content on various topics


  •         Addictions
  •         Mental health
  •         Self-improvement
  •         Psychology
  •         Emotions


Mental wellbeing is certainly an important factor for a peaceful life. Headspace is one of the best mental health websites for mental health and various meditation techniques. This site offers excellent guidance to overcome mental disorders.

The site is inbuilt with unique content related to Meditation. This Websites can offer you a lot for free and you can got for a premium subscription as well.


  •         Regular self-improvement programs
  •         Meditation
  •         Inbuilt quiz for self-analysis


  •         Anxiety
  •         Stress
  •         Depressions
  •         Mood swing

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10. is a genuine telemedicine service provider. The trustworthy site can guide patients with the assistance of health care providers. You can access the site from anywhere with any device. In this site, we can directly contact doctors through texts, video calling, or voice chat.


  •         Simple and easy to use
  •         No additional download required
  •         Both the patients and health care providers can use this site to communicate
  •         Secured interface with good privacy
  •         Can be accessed globally


  •         Psychology assessment
  •         In-Home behavioral interventions
  •         Emotional support
  •         Medication management
  •         Post-Traumatic stress disorder

Summing Up

Maintaining mental health is necessary for leading a peaceful and happy life. But due to the current lifestyle, all of us are facing different types of mental illness. Every one of us is in some way affected by issues with mental wellbeing. I hope this rundown on the best mental health websites will help you find the best possible solutions you are looking forward to overcome mental disorders.

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