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Mobile Massage Therapy has many Benefits in London

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

There is no reason why massage therapy should only be reserved for those living luxurious lives, or for the ladies of leisure who belong to those high-class luncheon clubs. The truth is that Massage Therapy is more important than having a GP and should therefore be mandatory for all active people starting from 12 years of age and up until the age of 112 years of age! You can read more about Mobile massage in London.

What is the purpose of your question? When you go to the doctor’s office, you already have a diagnosis in your head, because you have used the Internet, home remedy books, or some advice from a friend to pre-diagnose. The only reason you should go see your physician is if you do not have access to an over-the-counter drug or medicine that may have the ability to be prescribed electronically. There are some instances where your GP is nothing more than a glorified administrator who can push the papers to the doctors, write the prescription, or refer you to a round of specialists that ultimately leaves you on a wild goose chase to find answers to questions about your health that may not always make sense to you or feel right, so you end up feeling worse.

Massage therapy on the go: 7 benefits

  • In the Greater Vancouver Area, the Massage Therapist comes to you wherever you are. The inconvenience of finding the clinic, fighting traffic and the actual physical and mental strain of traveling (especially if you are suffering from sciatica, arthritis or migraines) is eliminated.
  • Experience a sense of relaxation and comfort in your chosen surroundings. You could be at your workplace, your home or outdoors by the lake, beach or forest. 
  • Depending on the temperature, ambiance, atmosphere, music, air, and even scent, you can choose the settings. There is no charge for the massage table, linen, lotion and any other supportive items, such as heating pads, pillows, ice packs, and extra towels, that are provided by the Mobile Clinic.
  • We don’t want to aggravate your body. By having the mobile clinic come to you, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that the treatment you receive will be highly effective, and that the relaxing results will keep you relaxed until your next progressive treatment can be performed. In order to receive the therapeutic benefits of the massage, simply roll into bed after your treatment has been completed.
  • You won’t be rushed out. With a spa membership, you don’t need to worry about being on time for appointments, missing your appointment, or feeling rushed out the door at your clinic. You can literally “switch off” while the Massage Therapist handles all the logistics and treatment timing.
  • Hands-on time is more important. One or two hours of massage is sufficient. The actual hands-on time should be between 60 and 90 minutes. It is agreed that assessment and verbal interview times will be limited to 15 minutes either side of your treatment time. Your treatment time will not be impacted during these brief sessions.
  • Treatment that is both progressive and therapeutic. In addition to offering the flexibility of mobile or on-site treatment, Anton RMT believes that a custom, individualized therapeutic treatment plan is best suited to your body’s specific needs. As your body begins to heal itself from a particular condition or ailment, the techniques used during your massage treatment may differ and change from one appointment to the next. In turn, this dynamic and progressive approach enables a faster recovery process and a more rejuvenating experience due to the fact that it changes as your body progresses. Now that’s what you call totally personalized and professional!

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