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Top 11 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

Which is the most beautiful flower in the world? Some like roses and some like lily. Different people different choices. But do you know all these flowers has meaning too?

Yes, you heard it right flowers do have meaning. We see flowers to be used in function, pooja ceremony and some flowers have religious uses too.

Here is the list of most beautiful flowers with their meaning.

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1. Roses


Yes, I have to place rose on first place beauty it is a sign of eternal love and timeless elegance. Roses can be found In many color but it’s basic color is dark red.
It has other colors like pink, white and yellow too. Pink is the sign of innocence and first love. White is for purity and peace where yellow is for friendship and joy.


2. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Although Cherry blossom don’t have it name in official flower list but due to its beauty I have put it on second place. It is the most beautiful flower of Japanese culture and grow on a tree named prunus also known as sukara.
Cherry blossom are a symbol of spring that is time of renewal so it gives a sense of freshness and a new start.

3. Orchids


Orchids also known as champagne of flowers. Due to its elegance and exotic look it is mostly used in decoration and gifting purpose.

Orchids have over 35k variety in the world. Orchids are the symbol of love because it grows easily under most conditions. It is also found that during Victorian era this flower was used as gifts to show love and affection. The most rare flower you will choose to gift the deeper love you have.


4. Tulip


Tulip flower is originally from central Asia. Tulips are considered as a symbol of true love. It is one of the first flower that bloom in spring. In the Victorian era it is considered as charity. Just like roses tulip is available in many colours even more red, orange, purple, white, yellow and blue with their meaning associated with them.

5. Lily


Lily is the best smelling flower in the world. Oriental lily has the most flamboyant personality in the lily family. Due to its exotic looks, it is widely used in interior decoration.

Note: although lily is beautiful in looks but it is toxic in nature so not to use around pets.

6. Marigold

marigold flower

If you have marigold garden, nature has offered you the most beautiful gift. A garden full of bright red and orange marigold set a lush green beauty that is above anything in the world.

Marigold is also well known flower for insects. It has a scent that repel bad bugs. Its smell also attract snacks and spider so I have mind to have garden of marigold it is suggested to keep it away from your home.

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7. Dahlia

dahlia flower

It is the most vibrant flower you ever want. It is available in all shades of rainbow from pink and red to white and orange.
You can use it to as decoration in your living room to give vibrant look.

8. Hydrangea

hydrangea flowers

Most versatile flower in the world. Originally from Southern Asia. Due to its color availability mostly used in decoration and creating bouquet because it’s texture is wide and provide lots of volume.

9. Sunflower

sunflower flower

This flower is basically from North America. Available in yellow color. It symbolizes faith and unconditional love just like how it’s petal go stretched towards the sun.

Sunflower can be plant anywhere but best in sunlight.

10. Mogra

mogra flower

It’s scientific name is Arabian jasmine also known as mogra at many places. This flower not only as decoration but also in health sector. It has a smell that make this flower different any of the above, that’s why it is also used in religious program or dhoop batti.

It is good for skin and hair so also used as oil.

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11. Lotus


lotus flower has connection with Hinduism. Many Hindu deities hold lotus flower that’s why It is considered as a symbol of purity and enlightenment.

‌So these are the top most beautiful flowers. Hope you find it helpful for you. Let us know in comment which is your favorite flower and why?

‌ More power to you.

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