Nail Art

Nail Art and Nail Diamond Art in Women Style Industry

The nails have and always have been a significant thing in women’s fashion. Women have been painting their nails for centuries to make them look good and to enhance their looks.

For women, the nail prints and their designs are like the wristwatches for men because without them our wardrobe feels incomplete. The trends of using beads and pearls in decorating nails as well as using nail diamonds are very popular.

Many women like to decorate themselves uniquely and to stand out from the crowd the women try new and new things to look unique and gorgeous. The art of nail paint has been around here for more than a century.

The women used to polish their nails with the colour of their choice and different styles according to their wardrobe and colour. But nowadays the nail polishes only look very outdated and old-fashioned.

The women like to try new things like combining multiple nail paints to make abstract nail art as well as adding sparkle to add shine to nails.

Careers associated with beauty vlogging:

There are many social media influencers and artists nowadays that have careers associated with this industry. There are numerous YouTube channels available that have a huge number of playlists about nail art.

If you look then you will see that even in the news feed of Instagram you will find short nail art videos in which the designer is designing the nail art using nail polishes and beads etc and these videos have even some times millions of views.

Anyone can nowadays create a youtube channel and make videos about nail art. There are several ways of adding beauty to your nails the most common methods used by several beauty vloggers and celebrities are

  • Glitters
  • Nail art pens
  • Piercing
  • Stamping
  • Water Decals
  • Water marbling
  • Adding accessories


Glitters are most commonly used to make the nails stand out. The women use to first add some nail print to their nails using the nail polish and after that is done, they add different glitters to their nails.

The glitters add shine to the nails giving a glossy and wet look making them beautiful. Many beauticians even like to combine the glitter with some little diamonds that add more shine to the nails and make them look more gorgeous.

Nail art pens:

You might have seen the viral videos in which an artist is drawing on nails. Yes, nowadays there is a big trend of decorating the nails using nail art pens. These pens are capable of drawing on the nails slippery surface.

These pens are used to create abstract nail art and also to draw different characters on the nail then colours are later added to drawing by nail polishes making it unique and aesthetic. But to do so there is a lot of practice required to decorate the nails using these decorative nail art pens.


When we hear the word piercing the first image that comes to our mind is the ear piercing or the nose piercing and even after that the last image that came to our mind is the body piercing but there is nail piercing too.

Yes, the decoration of nails by piercing them is very trendy in 2021. The women use to pierce the long nail with a little tool and then they add some nail polish to it and some other decorations and then they add something like an accessory to the pierced nail.

When this trend first came out many women hesitated but soon it was all over the internet as it went viral and now you can see a lot of women doing this to their nails for the sake of fashion.

Water Decals:

Water decals are also used for nail decoration now a day as they look fairly sober and aesthetic giving a liquid look to the nails.

These are used to create an abstract impression on the nails by adding different water-based non-toxic safe colours and by mixing them together a beautiful and fairly sober impression is created on nails making them unique.

Adding stones and accessories:

Adding stones to decorate nails is a very common thing these days. The women decorate the nails by applying the nail polish then using it as a binder they place beads in a different decorative pattern on nails.

This is a very good technique to enhance their looks as the women look sober with this sort of nail decoration. This method is very stylish and sophisticated and looks good on every woman. The mix of nail polish and beads gives away a uniquely beautiful vibe.

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