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Shape Your Nail According to Your Body

Nails are such a part of the hands that people can see them while talking to someone, doing some work, shaking hands or even sitting empty. If your hands look elegant and beautiful, then surely the people you meet will be impressed by you. That’s why it is very important that the way you take care of your clothes, makeup and fashion accessories, make your nails attractive in the same way.

How to choose the right shape?

The shape of your nails depends on the size of your hand and fingers. Before shaping the nails, choose the shape of your choice and type. Although there are many types of nail shapes, but only a few are very popular. Among these, round, oval, square, almond coffin are the main ones.

Round Nail Shape:

Instagram user @nails_bysherie

This is the easiest shape of all, which is very easy to maintain. For those women who do not pay much attention to their nails between work at home and who find it difficult to keep going to the parlor, this shape is perfect for them. It is rounded from the front side and for this it is not necessary that the nails should be too long. This shape is suitable for women with long fingers and short nails. This shape is good for those who have short nails. Round shape nails look classy, especially when neutral shades are applied to them.

Square Nail Shape:

Instagram user @katerina_nikolinakou

In this, the nails are given a square shape from the front. This shape is easy to get and there is no need to keep long nails in this too. It can be called a comfortable shape. Women with long fingers can give an elegant look to their hands with this shape. This shape is good for both short and large nails. This makes the nails look wider. Bold colours look good with this type of shaped nails.

Squoval Nail Shape:

Instagram user @basicofbeauty

This nail shape is very much liked and it suits all the nails. Apply the trend color of the season on nails of this shape. Square oval -or gust -nails are great in the event that you’re into the level edge of a square yet can’t stand sharp corners. Knight takes note that this work of art, all around adored shape truly suits everybody. Notwithstanding, it very well may be particularly interesting to individuals who have wide, long nail beds since it will take care of equilibrium everything.

Oval Nail Shape:

Instagram user @lanea_nailart

This shape has been going on for years. It can be called a basic shape. Its roundness is oval ie oval from the front. For this shape, the nail foiler has to be rotated in the natural shape of the nails. . It gives thin fingers to thick fingers and wide to thin fingers. This shape looks good on long nails. Short fingers seem longer than this. It is good for both wide and narrow nail beds. Keep it simple, using a French manicure or clear nail polish.

Almond Nail Shape:

Instagram user @afewtoomani

As the name suggests, this nail shape gives an almond-like look. This makes the nails look thinner and longer. Metallic color or gel nail color looks good on nails of this type. In this shape, the nails are edgy and lightly pointed and their tip is rounded. It is not for women with short nails. Ladies of Long Nails can easily adopt it. Nowadays acrylic nails are also available in the market so that women with short nails can get this shape.

Ballerina Nail Shape:

Instagram user @playing_with_nails

This shape is best for girls who have long and strong nails. Add a bold matte polish to it, and show off! Ballerina nails are cherished by fashionistas on the grounds that they are intense and say something. They are likewise called casket nails, and the shape is basically something similar, albeit some contend that there is a slight distinction in the diminishing of the nail. Semantics to the side, ballet dancer nails are a trendy shape characterized by tightened sides and a straight tip. They are complimenting and can prolong the finger, and are inconceivably adaptable. Ballet performer nails can be made long or short with your normal nails or acrylics. Likewise, a shape loans itself well to nail craftsmanship plans, permitting you to try different things with a splendid, elaborate look or keep it straightforward and exquisite.

Stiletto Nail Shape:

Instagram user @clawsxcollxtion

If you have long fingers, then by adopting this style, you can make them appear longer. This is for long nails. Give a new style by applying crystals on the stiletto nail shape. Perhaps quite possibly of the most appealing nail you can look over, stiletto nails are about the show. Forming this tense look starts similarly as its nuttier partner, the almond, however finishes at a lot more keen point with a more extensive base. It’s been noticed that this shape is genuinely high-upkeep, “yet it can show innovativeness with variety, craftsmanship, and surface.”

Lipstick Nail Shape:

Lipstick Shape
Instagram user luna_nailz_nz

This shape looks good on thin fingers. Try acrylic nails with this shape. Or a French manicure with color on the tip. Another straightforward name, lipstick nails are formed like the calculated cut of a new container of lipstick. This square nail style is bordered at the tip for a genuinely novel nail shape. “They function admirably with any nail length and they’ll make you stick out.”

Coffin Nail Shape:

Coffin nail
Instagram user kyliejenner

This shape is also called ballerina shape because its look is similar to both ballerina and coffin. It is difficult to maintain this shape. Women doing household chores with this shape can have problems. This shape is not for those whose nails are thin and delicate, because handling this shape can cause them to break and crack quickly.

How to give shapes to nails according to your own choice?

Give a shape like this

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before shaping your nails. Nails should not be wet and damp or else there will be problems in shaping them.

There are many types of foilers available in the market, from which you can choose emery board. Note that for natural nails, choose a nail foiler between 300-600 grids.

Always start rubbing the nails in the same direction. By running the foiler like this, the nails will start getting cut and they will start breaking.

– Foil the nails from side to center ie from outside to inside. Keep lifting the hands with every move, do not keep rubbing continuously.

Hold the foiler upright on the tip of the nails, not tilted. By bending or holding it at an angle, the nails will become thin and will not come in shape.

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