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12 Self-Care Tips To Help You Feel Good During COVID-19 Lockdown

People are already exhausted amidst this pandemic, and everyone is spending their time in their homes. But you should turn this problematic situation into an opportunity to focus on your habits and imperfections to be a better person than before.

With less interaction with people and the outside world, you will get enough time to introspect and do activities that will please you and brings inner peace. It is the time to show love not only towards your closed ones but also for yourself. Here are some best 12 self-care tips that will help you to bring joy and happiness in this COVID- 19 pandemic.

Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Coronavirus:

1. Spend Time In Your Garden Or Terrace

Enjoying your morning hot coffee in your garden with birds chirping around with cold soothing breeze touching your body, is a very fantastic way to start your day. You can also do some light workout to make your day energetic. Having your evening tea and watching the sunset from your terrace can also be a nice thing to do. It is time to know which activity pleases you and which does not. So to enjoy your life you have to find happiness in these little activities.

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2. Cooking

Cooking has always been a source of joy and happiness. It is the time when you can develop your cooking skills to rock among your friends and family by posting your delicious recipes on social media platforms. You can also challenge yourself to make new recipes and serve others. These things give a different level of happiness and satisfaction. Cooking will give you some break from the distracting and unnecessary news that may lead to anxiety.

3. Contacting Your Old Friends

Life before the lockdown was very busy and sluggish. Everyone has lost touch with their friends and colleagues. Now in this situation, you have got a lot of time to call, text or video call your old friends with whom you have lost touch. These things will not only bring back a valuable person in your life but also bring back all those old and sweet memories that you and your friends have enjoyed.

4. Having A Long Bath

This self-care tip of having a long bath will never fail to lift your mood. If you are facing anxiety, depression, stress, or other mental disturbances, just take a long bath. It will make you feel relaxed and energetic. If you are living with a family and want some time for your own to gather your thoughts and introspect yourself, this activity will be beneficial. You can also pamper and take care of the body to feel self-love and build confidence.

5. Make A Self-Care Routine

It is essential to keep your body and mind healthy. While you are at home and you don’t have any work. It is better to prepare a routine from morning to evening to keep your body cycles maintained. You can try some home remedies that will enhance your beauty like prepare homemade masks and face packs using turmeric, milk, Aloe Vera, etc.

6. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best self-care tips which everyone should practice. Staying inactive throughout the day leads to an accumulation of fat around your body which is life-threatening. You can do an hour of indoor workout to keep your body and mind healthy. Yoga and exercise can reduce your mental disturbances and help you to stay calm and relaxed.

7. Sleep Enough

It is common for people to go to sleep after midnight. They watch movies and web series as they don’t have to wake up early. This thing can disturb your sleep cycle, and you will be prone to many illnesses. So it is essential to sleep enough to boost your immunity.

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8. Organize Your Home Or Room

When you have a busy lifestyle, you forget to keep things in their right place and hustle when you need it. So it is the right time to organize items in your room or home in a beautiful and attractive way so that everything will be accessible to you when you need them. This activity will not only give you joy but also make you feel comfortable.

9. Set Your Screen Time

It is essential to limit the time which you spend on your phone or computer doing unproductive things. Spending too much time before the screen can heavily affect your vision and make you feel irritated. So it is better to cut off your screen time and do something productive and useful.

10. Do Something Creative

You can be a better person than before by enhancing your creative skills. Explore new ideas and things or read a book to gain knowledge. You can also practice singing or dancing, which rejuvenate your energy. Do whatever you like, but your main aim should be in developing your personality.

11. Revisit An Old Skill

Due to many reasons, most of us quit some of our activities and skills that make us happy. This might be the time to revisit that old skill and rediscover things. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

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12. Do Meditation

Anxiety and depression are affecting people easily in this pandemic due to overthinking. Meditation can help you to overcome these feelings. Meditation has several benefits, and all of us should find some time to do it. Practicing meditation can brings positivity by keeping away all the negative thoughts and emotions. It also reduces the effects of anxiety and depression.

Final Words

Everyone is tense and confused about how they will pass their time in lockdown. So it is essential to spend your time in a proper and organized manner doing things that are useful and productive. You cannot just waste your precious time by watching movies and surfing on social media. The time that you spent will not come back so you must utilize it to develop your Personality.







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