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Sizzling trends for 2021 to up your style game.

A lot has happened to the fashion industry but it has survived and thriving like never before and now that the fashion labels are back in full swing, trends have only got chicer and we cannot be more thrilled and excited for it. Here are some of the most dapper fashion trends which will help stay stylish in 2021.

1. Rib Knits:

As body hugging and comfortable rib knit seems as stylish, they are. A large variety of these have been spotted on runways across globes. While brands are oozing with tops and skirts in rib knits, fashionistas too have started indulging in this trend. The most fabulous thing about rib knits are that they can be a perfect match with office wears and they can also be paired with casuals.

2. Voluminous Sleeves:

Voluminous Sleeves

As the vintage returns again, the flared up and enlarged sleeves have taken a front seat in the fashion scenario with icons sporting them all the time now. These sleeves can be a perfect fit for a ‘attention grabbing’ look. They sure can be a statement piece and are exactly what you need for a hard party look.

3. Chains:

Chains dress

Thick, big and chunky chains are omnipresent when it comes to fashion. From Versace bags to Saint Lauren jewellery, chains are reining and what better way to inculcate in the current ‘vogue’ than to actually own these big funky metallics. Pair them up with a casual top or accessorise it on a bag and see how it glams you up.

4. Loose Fitted Pants:

Loose fitted pants

Vintage pieces were never as appreciated as they are being now. 50’s fashion in roving in, especially through these comfy loose fitted pants. As much as they shone on the ramps of Fendi, Chanel and Sportmax, they’ll be such a ‘go to’ clothing for your casual attire for an afternoon brunch with friends.

5. Large Florals:

Large florals

With the year 2021 being labelled as hopeful and retros and vintages returning, it’s only natural that florals will knock doors this summer and what better trend to absorb for a semi casual office attire than large florals and fitted pants. It’s a recurring trend so you might either already have it in your wardrobes or might need them later on too.

6. Natural Earthy Tones:

Natural Earthy tones

With 2020 being a wrecker and 2021’s theme being peace and hope, it’s a given that neutrals and earthy tones will be included and is obvious from the high-end fashion walks that these shades are being referred and accessed already. The thing about natural tones is they are timeless and don’t need to be for a certain time of the day. You can have it today, tomorrow and for centuries and yet not worry about where and when you’ll wear them. Always chic, always ‘a la mode’.

7. Cinch Belts:

Cinch belts

Finally! After years and years of belts being out of fashion, here they are! Belts are such an essential accessory; it changes complete look within seconds. And what better choice to go for than them cinch belts. Simple white shirts with a statement cinch belt and narrow bottoms and high heeled boots make for a perfect outing attire. You can actually have them over oversized sweaters and tight skinny leggings and voila! You’re done.

ritwika sharma

Ritwika Sharma is a lifestyle and accessories designer and writer who is bewitched with the fashion world. She is very Skilled in communication, editing and public speaking. In education she have done Bachelor in design ( Lifestyle and accessory design) from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

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