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Succulents that Save the Skin: Eminence Organics Stone Crop Collection

Eminence Stone Crop is known for its efficacy among skin care products. Skin care fans will always have a place on their bathroom shelf for these perennial favorites that hydrate and brighten the appearance of dark spots, including our award-winning Stone Crop Masque and Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. Learn how this stone crop ingredient can ease dry skin and minimize the appearance of aging to improve your complexion.

Stone Crop: What Is It?

Small, succulent plants called stone crop are found in Hungary, and the name literally means “a plant growing in stone.” This unusual plant can thrive in rocky soil and can even grow on top of rocks. It thrives despite having a shallow root system, requiring very little soil and water. In a moderately dry environment, this hardy succulent prospers best. However, it can survive practically anywhere if it is given a little care. Would you like to know one of the most fabulous uses for stone crops? Among its advantages for green roofs are the ease of growth, pest resistance, and disease resistance.

Stone Crop: How It’s Used

The plant is hand processed from beginning to end in order to produce our stone crop products. By hand picking each stone crop, cutting it into quarters, and pressing it, we preserve all the natural hydrating properties of the plant.

Besides drying and pulverizing succulents, we also blend them into skin care products after they are ground into powder. In our Made in Hungary video, you can see how we pick and sort our stone crop plants, then hand-cut them into simple farm fresh products. 

Stone crop plants turn red in cold weather. Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer and Stone Crop Masque are sprayed with trays of stone crop plants before cold snaps arrive. This ensures that the green of these products remains vibrant.

Stone Crop Benefits

Stone crop provides deeply effective yet lightweight hydration, just as other succulents (think aloe vera and prickly pear). In a recent interview with DAYSPA, Eminence Organics President Boldijarre Koronczay explained that the stone crop plant not only reduces pigmentation and brightens the complexion, but also helps with calming sensitive skin, firming stressed skin, toning the epidermis, moisturizing, and reducing signs of aging.” Here are a few benefits of stone crop for your skin.

1. Helps heal dry skin

In order to survive in a dry environment, stone crop retains large amounts of water in its stems and leaves. Attila Koronczay, our General Manager tells Dermstore, “Most succulents have shallow roots, which means they rely on rainfall, mist, or dew to provide all the water they need to thrive.”. Stone crop has an inbuilt water-storage system that allows it to hydrate and heal dry and dehydrated skin.” Due to its water-absorbing capacity, stone crop provides deeply hydrating and healing properties.

2. Anti-inflammatory effects

The anti-inflammatory properties of stone crop have been used in folk medicine for centuries. Poultices made from bruised leaves of fresh plants or juices obtained from them were traditionally used to treat a variety of skin problems, including burns, eczema, and ulcers. Stone crop’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it an excellent remedy for symptoms of dry, sensitive skin such as itchiness and redness.

3. Brightens the skin

Whenever you see dark spots on your complexion, your skin is producing too much melanin. Such conditions are often caused by stress, such as exposure to the sun or hormonal imbalance. By inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme that produces melanin, stone crop brightens skin in a similar manner to other natural hydroquinone alternatives. The result is a complexion that appears more even and minimizes dark spots.

4. Reduces wrinkles

There is scientific evidence that stone crop contains antioxidants that delay the onset of aging. Antioxidants such as anthocyanins and quercetins neutralize free radicals that damage the skin over time and cause premature aging. It is believed that antioxidants help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by minimising potential damage to the skin, thus keeping it looking young for a longer period.

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