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What Do High Cheekbones Look Like?

You might have listen the term “High Cheekbones or Low Cheekbones” in television show or any magazine and wanted to know what exactly it is? Cheekbones are the part of the face underneath your skin and totally depends upon your malar bones.

Low Cheekbones vs. High Cheekbones: What’s the Difference?

If your malar bones are close to your eyes then you have high Cheekbones but if malar bones are close to your nose then your have Low Cheekbones. Look in the picture the beautiful Miss Dionne Warwick. She has high cheekbones

Miss Dionne Warwick with high cheekbones
Miss Dionne Warwick. high cheekbones

By contrast, Bob Dylan has low cheekbones.

Bob Dylan low cheekbones

Whether you have High Cheekbones or low Cheekbones it does define your are as a person. Here we are sharing some of famous faces having high cheekbones to help you understand well. so with ado lets get started.

How does High Cheekbones Look Like?

1. A Classic Example of Beauty Feature


Famous Hollywood actress Katharine Hepburn is the perfect example of high cheekbones. Look at her  chiseled look and perfect jawline are very prominent.

2. Angelina Jolie the Beauty Queen


Who doesn’t know the Beauty Queen Angelina Jolie. In silhouette check out her malar bones are just below the eyes and looks very prominent.

3. Prominent Cheekbones with Short Locks


Well we have a Spanish beauty Elsa Pataky with the high cheekbones. Whether she a long wavy hair  or short hair cut her high cheekbones looks very prominent.

4. Youthful Beauty On-Screen


A very well known Bollywoood actress for her role in Disney Channel’s Shake it Up, Bella Thorne . Her high cheekbones are a trademark to  beauty standards.

5. Diva in the Bollywoood


Now comes to bollywood part, We have many gorgeous actress with high cheekbones like kareena kapoor, deepika padukone, malaika arora and many more names to add to.

kareena kapoor AKA Bebo is not only famous for her role of “poo” but also for but also for her sizzling look  because of her highcheek bones.

Hope now you are able to differentiate the high cheekbones and low cheekbones. let us know in comment which one you have?

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