From Shy to Showstopper: Hand-Tied Hair Extension Transformation

Choose Hand-Tied Wefts Extensions

It is not easy to take care of hair in a busy schedule. Thus, people prefer to have something easy way to maintain the volume of their hair. So, they choose the option of hand tied hair extensions.  It works as the best solution for boosting the weight in hair and enjoying the transformation.

Eventually, it is quite complicated for those who don’t have enough knowledge about selecting the unsurpassed extensions. Hence here are some aspects that can be helpful in selecting the finest hand-tied hair extensions.

How to Choose Hand-Tied Wefts Extensions

Hair quality

The quality of hair matters the most as the type of hair then the extension should be of that type. So, there are some types of hair that you need to know. One can consider the hand tied hair extensions chicago to know the quality of hair in a better way.

Remy hair: this type of hair has aligned cuticles in a single direction which preserves matting and tangles.

Non-Romy hair: the cuticles are not brought into line which makes it more disposed to tangling and matting.

Virgin hair: offers the most natural texture as well as shine in your hair which is unaltered and unprocessed.

Processed hair: this hair quality is less durable but treated with chemicals making it affordable. You can buy them easily without facing any obstacles.

Volume and length

Before considering any aspect in terms of hair extension it is essential to consider the desired length and the volume. Moreover, one can also consult this from the stylist to analyse the best amount of extensions for head size and hair density. Ensure that the thicker and longer extensions will be expensive.


Always go for the extensions that will match your natural hair colour. If you want then you can consider some highlights to add style or any dimension. However, one can also consult the colour of hair from a hair stylist to achieve a seamless colour blend.

You can choose the colour as per your face tone because if your skin tone is warm then the extension colour is also based on your complexion.

Thus, by having the correct information about the hair extension, one can easily make their hair look better. Even though, try it is not possible for everyone to consider every caution about hand tied hair extensions Chicago. So, these aspects will help you in knowing about the extensions.

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