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Free Online Anger Management Courses of 2021

Finding Anger Management  courses are not at all though task but finding free or budget friendly can be a challenge. There are several anger management courses available online and offline both or you may also find some of them in your local area but out of them you will find a few who provide anger management services free of cost.

Do Really Free Anger Management Courses Exists?

Well Honestly, the answer is no. Most of online anger management classes are fee based but they provide some of their classes for no cost it means you can take those limited classes for free. Some of them will allow you to join 2 or 3 classes so you get interest to take full course, you will also find some classes with full anger management material but they will cost you for certification of completion.

But you can always take the help of those limited and free anger management classes.

Best Anger Management Classes Online:

1. NuHopeCare : Best Overall

NuHopeCare offers a full 8 hr session online free of cost. you can also get to know about what challenges you might face to manage the anger. one of the best thing about this class is anyone can attend its free assessment before beginning the course. you need to signin to access the training material of the course.

After completion of the course either you can quit the course or get the certification of completion . You need to pay $25 to get the certificate.

Course Details
Course Duration: 8 hr
Price of the Course: Free (Certification Charges $25)
Levels of Course: For Beginners

Start You Free Anger Management Classes Here

2. Veteran’s Administration : Best for Military person

Veteran’s Administration course if best for Anger and Irritability Management Skills and designed for Military person. This Course delivers how to control your anger in tough conditions and coordinate with others. This course is completely free so you dont have to register for it.

Course Details
Course Duration: Variable
Price of the Course: Free
Levels of Course: For Military person

Join The Complete Course for Free

3. Open Path : Best for Online Certification

Openpath is an online wellness company that provide some free demo classes to take experience of their full classes. you will not have to sign in to check its demo class and if you want to take its full anger management course it will cost you less than $5 . In the end if you want certification, the fee for certification will be different varies from $20 to $100 based on how many classes you have attended.

Course Details
Course Duration: Variable
Price of the Course: $ 17 for 4 hour certification
Levels of Course:  For Beginners
No. of Students Enrolled: 35k+ Students

Join OpenPath Here

4. Dr. John Schinnerer : Best for Anger Management Tools

Dr. John Schinnerer provides the first part of his anger management course for free and you dont even need to signup for that. Some on them free videos are on youtube also which makes those classes easily accessible.

After Completing free Video Course you can join his full ten week version course if you want to get the certification. The full course will cost you for $100. for free click here.

Course Details
Course Duration: Variable
Price of the Course: $55 for 4 Hours Certification
Levels of Course:  For Beginners

Join Dr. John Schinnerer’s Full Classes

Now you have checked all the free options take a look on the what people generally preferred the most for online anger management.

5. Udemy Best Selling Course for Anger Management

well as the heading shows this is the best course available on udemy to control your anger. The course instructor Ken Wells is known for solving anger management issues. The whole course includes 3 hr of Videos + 2 Articles + 21 Downloadable resources.

key Features of the Course:

  • Course will let you understand about triggers what make your angry.
  • Include Breathing Exercise + Plan of action to apply course learning in your life.
  • Focuses on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Lifetime Access of the course (Mobile + TV).
  • Certification of completion.
Course Details
Course Duration: 3 hours
No. of Students Enrolled 15,439+ students
Levels of Course:  For Beginners
Price of the Course: $144.99
Website:  Visit Now

6. Anger Management Course by Betterhelp

The very known brand for treating mental health issue betterhelp also has a solution for anger management. Betterhelp has more than 13K experienced mental health professionals. They have multiple options to provide therapy like text messaging, video chat, audio sessions and live chat sessions.

key Features of the Course:

  • questionnaire to understand your problem in deep and provide most suitable therapist.
  • Communication with therapist remain safe and private.
  • Can access your course from mobile as well as desktop.
  • Multiple counselling options like individual, couple, teenage and LGBT.
Course Details
Course Duration: Variable
No. of Students Enrolled  40000+
Levels of Course:  For Beginners
Price of the Course: variable pricing for different plans
Website:  Visit Now

7. Online Therapy.Com

if you want to work on self improvement but want some guidence by a professional plus that fits to your pocket? then you should clearly go for

key Features of the Course:

  • solve anger issues, addictions, depression, anxiety, self esteem.
  • provide tested tools +worksheets + journal +activity plan.
  • professionals are licensed and experienced.
  • your data is safe and secure.
  • In free you can access complete worksheets + Yoga & Meditation Videos

what else can be a perfect plan?

Course Details
Course Duration: Variable
No. of Students Enrolled  30000+
Levels of Course:  For Beginners
Price of the Course:  variable pricing for different plans
Website:  Visit Now

Now you have check all the anger management courses and the details. we would like to know which one you find the best. Drop your favorite in the comment section, or you find any which is not in the list.

More Power to You!

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