15+ Ways To Spread Positive Energy

Interesting ways to project positive energy

A universally accepted fact is that “we gain energy from our surroundings and radiate energy back.” We (humans) are fully composed of energy that is felt by others and it keeps us moving throughout the day.

According to psychology, this is the reason why we feel motivated, calm, cheerful, and warm throughout the day. We all have such energy within us…don’t you agree?

It’s just we need the right element to tap on it. Wondering how to do it? Well, you might get amazed but it’s quite simple…all you have to do is to exhale negative energies from your body like feelings of anxiety and resentment, and tap into positive energies like gratitude, good communication, and more.

This blog helps you with some simple yet effective ways to create positive energy around you to keep you motivated throughout the day.

So, let’s get started!

Creating Positive Energy with These Simple Ways

1. Explore surrounding energies and emit positivity

If you’re experiencing negative energy, you can expect yourself to attract positive energy. In order to gain positive energy, you will have to observe your surroundings and think about positive vibes so that you can exude a sense of calm and peace. Try to gain subtle positive energy so that you can reflect on it.

2. Alter your thinking with the help of positive affirmations.

One of our writers appropriately said, “affirmations are words that when repeated reflect reality.” Positive affirmations help us to challenge our negative thoughts. Affirmations are a simple practice that benefits us in all ways.

You can try positive affirmations like:

  • I dream I believe, I receive
  • I have the power to create the life I desire
  • I am limitless and I am
  • I will be kind to myself and others

3. Say “No” to negative influences or people

Apart from altering your thoughts and exploring your surroundings, you really have to start saying no to negative influences or people that create a fuss in your life. These people or things disrupt your sense of your own and drain you emotionally from the inside. Start saying no and start creating the life that you have always wished for.

4. Take the help of kindness and compassion

A small act of compassion and kindness impacts everyone. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and improves our emotional and physical well-being. The fact is “the more you give, the better feelings you receive in return.” Therefore, reflect on this fact and keep moving towards positivity.

5. Begin with gratitude

You can always begin a new beginning by practicing gratitude. You don’t need big things to be grateful even small ways of practicing gratitude allow us to dissolve toxic emotions. You can simply start your day by thinking of 5-6 things or people you are grateful for. Or you can start maintaining a gratitude journal so that you can have a sense of contentment and happiness.

6. Fill positivity into your inner strength

Self-doubt, insecurity, and fear kill good vibes. They can actually dissolve your confidence like sugar dissolves in water. However, it takes only positivity to bounce back again. You should build your resilience in such a way that you can overcome negative situations. And this can only happen with a dose of positive thoughts.

7. Align your goals with your current self

Spend time thinking about your goals so that you can start reflecting on your goals from today itself. Such positivity will help you in shaping your future. It will also polish your decision-making power. It will not only help you in reaching goals but will also help in radiating positive vibes in your surroundings.

8. Enjoy every moment as if there’s no tomorrow

Life is all about ups and downs and this does not mean you will fill yourself with negative thoughts until it shines back again. Do not wait for things to shine back again, instead reflect on positivity and make your life more enjoyable. In this way, you are never going to regret your choices.

9. Provide yourself a dose of “Mindful S.N.A.C.K”

Dwelling into the past will only give you stress. Instead, try to learn optimism or take the help of “Mindful S.N.A.C.K” to be fully present at the moment. Pay attention to all the energies and resources so that you don’t get enough time to pay attention to worrying or negative thoughts.

10. Focus on good and celebrate your victories

I am not asking you to focus on good every time life knocks you down. It’s just whenever you succeed, keep your focus on good things, and celebrate your victories so that you can be self-motivated. Even you can celebrate small victories like your boss appreciating your work. 

11. Highlight your graciousness

If someone is continuously doing nice things for you, make sure you appreciate them. Saying a simple thank you, writing a simple thank you note, or being gracious towards them will make you both feel good. This process is likely to encourage everyone around you and it indirectly helps in projecting positive energy into your surroundings.

12. Dance like no one’s watching

Well, if you are not dancing or do not consider yourself a good dancer, it’s okay, you can just simply dance while sitting on a chair as well, standing in line, or while walking down the street. Dancing is known to be one of the best ways to radiate positive energy.

It might make you look silly, but trust me it will bring a nice and cute smile to others’ faces. If you’re lucky, someone might also join you… therefore, keep dancing like no one’s watching and keep radiating positive energy!

13. Be ready to lose

I know no one likes to lose, but this is life and life always shocks us when we are at our minimum! Therefore, it’s important to consider that you will lose and you will gain too! It’s important to learn the skill of being a good loser.

A good loser is always considered to be a positive person and resilient person. Be it any competition, game, or something else, congratulate the winner… After all, it’s just a game!

14. Do not hesitate in apologizing

Sometimes, it gets too hard to admit your fault, but it is also important to apologize when you are wrong. Do you know apologizing without realizing your fault shows that you are being responsible and you feel sorry for any pain caused?

The next time you see yourself caught in a mistake or a situation, simply apologize so that you can make things right and you can save a relationship without suffering any consequences.

15. Be aligned with your thoughts and facts

We are all humans and we have a tendency to receive flattering thoughts about ourselves, our surroundings, and the people that exist in our life. Simply, we can rewire ourselves from the thoughts that disturb us.

We can just simply start differentiating between thoughts and facts so that life can be easy and we can stop ourselves from manifesting flattering thoughts. Whenever you find yourself stuck with negative thoughts, start differentiating the thoughts and facts!

16. Be more generous

Generosity can be developed and trust me, it highlights more in your personality and makes you look a better, improved, and positive person. You can improve your generosity by doing little things.

You can simply tip the waiter more, smile at strangers, hold the door for the person behind you, clean the room for your partner, or leave a simple note for a colleague. The fact is that when we start becoming more generous, we definitely shift the negative energy and attract the positive energy!

Takeaway- Benefits of Projecting Positive Energy

There are many benefits of projecting positive energy, such as:

  • More success at your door
  • Good health (physically and mentally)
  • Better and improved relationships with everyone
  • Being more optimistic and productive
  • Reduced stress, worry, and anxiety

I hope this blog helps you in creating and radiating positive energy. Comment down and share your views on creating positive energy. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Keep radiating positive energy!

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