How to Determine Your Skin’s Undertone?

how to find your skin undertone

While buying for foundation have you ever noticed, one shade goes perfect with your skin tone while the other same shade don’t work for your skin. Knowing your undertone can help your choose the best foundation and other makeup material.

In this Blog we will discuss why does finding your undertone matter, How Skin tone and undertone are different. how you can find your skin undertone.

How Skin tone and undertone are different?

Skin tone and undertone are two different concepts that are often confused. Here is the difference between them:

  • Skin tone is the surface color of your skin, which can range from light to dark. It is determined by the amount of melanin present in the uppermost layer of your skin. Your skin tone can change over time due to factors such as sun exposure, aging, or skin-lightening products.
  • Undertone is the subtle color beneath the surface of your skin, which can be warm, cool, or neutral. It is determined by your genetics and does not change over time. Your undertone affects how certain colors look on you and how well they match your complexion.

Knowing your skin tone and undertone can help you choose the best foundation, makeup, and clothing colors for your hue.

You can find out your skin tone and undertone by using various methods, such as looking at your veins, assessing your jewelry, holding a white paper next to your face, observing your sun reaction, or doing a color test.

How You can Find Your Skin Undertone?

1. Look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist:

First and foremost way to find your undertone is go for vein test. Check your color of vein, if it look like greenish that means you have warm undertone. But on the other side if its have blue or purple color it means you have cool undertone.

If your veins match with your skin tone it means you may have neutral undertones.

2. Assess your jewelry

If Gold jewelry looks good for your skin them you have warm undertone and on the opposite side if silver jewelry looks good then you fall under cool understand. If both gold and silver jewelry looks good on your skin then you have neutral undertone.

3. How your skin normally reacts to the sun

If you tan easily and rarely burn, you may have warm undertones and If you burn quickly or turn pink before tanning, you may have cool undertones. If you tan gradually and evenly, you may have neutral undertones.

4. Clothing Test

You also try wearing white or off white color dress and look in to mirror. if you look yellowish beside the color tone of cloth then if you have warm undertone.

And if you skin look more of pink, rosy, or blueish-red, then you have a cool skin undertone. and if you can not recognized any of the above color then you might have neutral undertone.

Skin Undertones Chart

Final Words:

I hope now you are able to find what is your undertone type and you will choose your makeup or clothing wisely according to your undertone so you can flaunt every color.

Let us know in comment What is your Skin undertone Type?

Till Then Say Love!

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