How to Practice Self Forgiveness and Move on

Do you easily forgive others when someone make mistakes? Or when you when make the same mistake you end up blaming yourself again and again.

Then my dear friend you need to read this blog immediately yes it’s an alarming situation that you are being harsh on your self. You just need to let go things, move on and forgive yourself.

Self forgiveness is important for your mental well-being and first step to practice self forgiveness if self love or self compassion. Yes when you have positive vibes about yourself no matter how other people knock you down you always rise up with a confidence.


So here we are sharing some ideas how to practice self forgiveness to heal from shame and guilt.

How to Practice Self Forgiveness?

sometime we need to forgive ourselves

Self forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. Forgiveness means you are accepting your self and your actions. You accept that whatever happened you are willing to move on with your life and never ruminating about it because overthinking can not solve what is already happened but what in your hand is learn from it and try not repeat it.

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Most power key action that can help you to practice it is 4r’s of self forgiveness

  • 1. Responsibility
  • 2. Remorse
  • 3. Restoration
  • 4. Renewal

1. Responsibility

As already said, acceptance is the first and hardest step towards self forgiveness. Many people just make excuses or give justification to make look situation acceptable but what what you should do is face it,

take responsibility of your actions and and move ahead.

2. Remorse

While in the process of self acceptance you can face many negative emotions. This is completely normal.

While going through the process you can feel you are a bad person, but it is not true. It’s the shame and guilt that make you feel bad about yourself.

Understand that those mistakes are just the part of your life and it should not have the impact of your whole life story.

3. Restoration

Although it’s you who is forgiving yourself but the process should be the same, in this way you never have to wonder if you could have do more.

To make it easy for you assume your friend at your place, whom you need to forgive. What things you will require to forgive you friend , do the same in your situation.

4. Renewal

Everyone make mistakes but what matters actually is whether you learn from it or not. Understand what you could have done so this situation not happened or how your reaction could be to transform the whole situation. Now you are ready with a solution if you fall in the same situation again and not messing up like earlier. Ruminating about the mistake is no way Healthy for your mental well-being. So work on your self and try New things.

Benefits of self forgiveness:


Self forgiveness has many benefits on mental and physical health. Person who practice self forgiveness, they experience lower lever of depression and anxiety and their productivity level seems high in comparison to others.

Research shows that forgiveness can improve cholesterol levels, reduce bodily pain, and blood pressure, and lower your risk of a heart attack.

I hope you find us helpful. Let us know in comment what is your progress after practicing self forgiveness?

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