How to Find Peace of Mind In 40 Ways

how to Find Peace of Mind

It took me 10-15 years to understand the real need for life. Even Maslow’s law of basic needs tells us to focus on the primary needs first. Now there is a time when my destination is peace. Inner peace meaning is like finding peace amidst chaos and keeping everything and every relationship in order.

And the best thing about inner peace is that you can have it wherever you want. The main ingredient of having inner peace is effort. Indeed, there are countless things and ways that provide inner peace to our mind and body.

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In this blog, I have enlisted the top 40 ways to establish inner peace of mind.

Top 40 Ways to Create Peace of Mind

For better understanding, I have divided the sections into 8 sections:


1. Always maintain loyalty towards everyone. Do not hold feelings that might create stress in your household. Be honest and be kind towards your loved ones and everyone you meet.

2. Self-victimizing, blaming, catching negative feelings should be completely avoided. Rumination should be avoided instead self-forgiveness should be adapted.

3. We-vibe totally different when someone actually connects with us. Do not let the person go and tell them about how you feel.

4. Look for mutual support relationships which have both listening and sharing qualities.

5. Let someone be part of your good days and bad days. Don’t be a prisoner of the past, let go of feelings and explore.

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1. During bad times or boring days, invest your time in volunteering for any kind of charity. Put your energy in helping someone.

2. Supporting and sheltering animals can be the best thing to do, if you are an animal lover. Or else you can just volunteer for their rights.

3. Do something which brings happiness into others life without expecting anything in return. Even if they ask to return, ask them to pay a reward to someone needy.

4. Get out of your zone and do something for the elderly. If you are good at designing, create something creative for the elderly and kids.

5. Before money and materialistic gifts, gift promises to your partner, gift something which really serves as inner peace.


1. Groove onto your favorite song and focus on the present moment.

2. De-clutter the cluttered part and create a peaceful space.

3. Go for a long walk and focus on the breeze.

4. Plan to visit an unvisited place.

5. Take 5 minutes and draw your creative imagination on a piece of paper.


1. Opt for a little art-related therapy on weekends. Bring out all your markers and sketch pens.

2. Create a collage by using peaceful images.

3. Create your own kind of meditation. Like I created chocolate meditation.

4. Take a walk in the nature and click photographs, if you are interested in clicking photos.

5. Write down your feelings, and share your story with us.


1. Take out some time and perform meditation every day.

2. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel Mindful with this Mini Meditation Tool

3. Or simply, take a meditative walk and focus on all the sensations.

4. Try guided meditation.

5. Try Sound baths and Reiki.


1. Learn to let go and keep communicating with your closed ones.

2. Maintain a journal and write your feelings or else share it with someone.

3. Do not hold onto feelings and tell the people about the truth. Communication is the only key.

4. Practice self-forgiveness and do not hold negative feelings for someone.

5. Apologize when really required.


1. Do not hold feelings for people who hurt you. This bitterness you are holding from years is stopping you from finding inner peace. Therefore, let go of your feelings.

2. We are all flawed, nobody is perfect, and self-acceptance is such a powerful word.

3. Keep appreciating others and yourself for the good work.

4. Create a list of things which you do not like about yourself and turn them into strength.

5. Completely remove “judgmental” behavior from your life. It might hurt someone else.


1. Start reading books which provide inner peace to you.

2. Take yourself on a date and reward yourself with a small gift.

3. Sit with nature and practice meditation.

4. Read some positive affirmations and implement them in your life.

5. Be your own hero and keep fighting for your happiness and peace.

I hope you like this blog.  Comment down and let us know which way you are going to use for finding inner peace within yourself.

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