11 Soft Reminders For When You’re Setting Goals For 2023

Reminders For Goal Setting

Sometimes you need tough love while creating goals, and other times you simply need a gentle reminder that you can reach your objectives.

A new year means setting new goals! Setting objectives can help you initiate new behaviors, concentrate your attention, and maintain momentum at work. What you don’t measure, you can’t manage. Realistic objectives may help you stay accountable and track your success over the course of a week, month, quarter, and year.

Whether you’re setting goals for the new year and starting 2023 with excited thoughts for what you want the year to look like, or you’re feeling the need to make a change, this list is a great place to start.

Here are 13 gentle reminders for goal setting:

1. It is acceptable if your plans alter.

Maintain the same aims while remaining flexible with the plans. Alternatively, if you recognize that a goal isn’t working for you, modify it. You have the authority to make the rules. There are several approaches to achieving a single goal.

2. It is not a contest.

Work at your own speed and know that there is no competition other than yourself and strive to reach your full potential. Even while battling against oneself

3. Small actions can nonetheless propel you ahead.

Speaking of steps, every step you take toward your objectives is a positive step. Even though your ability is lesser during this season, take little efforts toward achieving your goals.

4. Goals are more difficult to achieve than habits.

Instead of setting lofty goals, concentrate on the daily routines you practise. Looking at your daily routines is far easier than focusing on the long-term objectives you wish to attain. Take it one step at a time.

5. “You’re on your own child,” Taylor Swift adds.

Nobody will ever care as much about your ambitions as you do. That’s OK, but it serves as a warning that you can’t pay too much attention to what other people have to say. They are not the ones experiencing your life. They are transferring their own worries onto you. If you want something, you must determine whether or not to pursue it.

6. You are not required to accomplish everything yourself.

When you need assistance, ask for it. Professional athletes at the pinnacle of their profession still have coaches. People who appear to “do it all” frequently have assistance. Recognize when you need to outsource, delegate, or eliminate something to make time for your goals so that you can prioritise them. It is not a sign of weakness to seek assistance.

7. You can’t go wrong in life.

There is no one way to live your life, and all of your “mistakes” should have taught you anything. If you want to alter something in your life, you may do it at any time. You can’t go wrong with this, so don’t beat yourself up if you feel “behind”; this is simply the direction your life is headed. Continue your journey.

8. Check in on your objectives.

Check in with yourself after you’ve set your objectives to ensure they’re still working for you. Don’t merely create objectives and forget about them; instead, make it a point to check in on them at least once a week. Not just to track your development, but also to ensure that it remains consistent with your beliefs and goals in life.

9. You have the authority to define success.

It’s difficult to remember that success isn’t what our parents or society have told us or shown us. Feeling like you’d rather tour the world than make six figures in an office job? That is entirely up to you to define.

10. Do yourself a favor and plan beforehand.

When it comes to goal setting, I swear it’s the simple things in planning that make all the difference. When do you want them to take place? What is the location? Book the class, then do the basic steps that will make it as straightforward as possible.

11. Goals should be enjoyable challenges.

According to research, there is a sweet spot for the objectives you set – it should feel both ambitious and reasonable. If you create objectives with a low level of confidence that you will attain them, that is likely to be your reality.

12. Measuring your objectives is useful until it isn’t.

Make sure your objectives are in line with your values, and that you aren’t making goals based on random statistics that don’t mean anything to you. What’s the point of setting a goal of 10,000 Instagram followers? What exactly does that mean? Check in with yourself to discover why you’re creating objectives like this in the first place.

13. You have the ability to make huge things happen.

Most importantly, this is a reminder that you can achieve your objectives. When you have a lot of historical proof or have had advantages in life, it is much simpler to believe that you can achieve your goals. But, regardless of whatever, you


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