Benefits of Rose in Skin Care: Get Natural Glow and More

benefits of rose in skin care

Rose has become an increasingly popular ingredient in many skin care products.

Recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it’s no surprise that it is now taking the skincare world by storm. Rose oil has a variety of benefits when it comes to your skin, and we recommend giving it a try!

Rose has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and its oil is fantastic for tackling dry skin. It also offers astringent properties, making it an excellent combatant of acne, redness, and inflammation. Products made with rosehip seed oil are full of anti-aging properties as well as Vitamins A, C, D, and E, which help minimize wrinkles and fine lines.

Another great product is rosewater, which can be used as a daily toner. This product possesses similar properties to rose oil, but also helps balance the skin’s pH with its antibacterial properties.

Rose for skin

This widely loved flower in all its voluptuousness, has innumerable benefits for the skin. The uncultivated Rose had excellent health benefits. In fact we can label Rose products as the best moisturizer for glowing skin. Read more to unravel the benefits of Roses for your inner health and outer beauty.

Beautiful Benefits of Roses for Skin

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse

This is one of the major benefits that roses and rose water can bring to the skin. We all know that antioxidants are good for the skin, and the ones found in roses are no exception. These particular antioxidants help to strengthen skin cells, which in turn, can help regenerate skin tissues. On top of this, the antioxidants in roses work to neutralize free radicals, which can provide anti-aging benefits to the skin as well.

  • Healing Hydrator

While roses are great for all skin types, it is especially great for dry skin due to its extremely moisturizing properties that can help to soothe itchiness. Roses used in the form of an essential oil can also be a great way to moisturize the skin, while protecting it from moisture loss and keeping the moisture barrier strong.

Even for those who do not suffer from dry skin, the hydration that roses provide can be extremely beneficial, as it helps to balance the hydration in the skin.

  • Wrinkle Eraser

Besides being filled with antioxidants, rose water and rose oils are also packed with vitamin A and C, which can help with aging skins. Apart from smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, these vitamins help to reduce the look of age spots on the skin and aid with collagen production.

While rose essential oil and rose water are both derived from rose petals, rosehip seed oil is actually from the small fruits that appear on the rose plants, which are a natural source of retinol.

  • Redness Soother

As previously mentioned, this romantic ingredient has tons of anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help reduce the appearance of redness on the skin. Part of its moisturizing properties also aid in soothing redness and irritation in the skin, as well. Back to rosehip oil, apart from being great for anti-aging, the combination of antioxidants and fatty acids in rose hip oil make it beneficial for soothing skin inflammation, including eczema.

  • Oil Reducer

When it comes to moisturizing the skin, rose water helps to balance out moisture, meaning it can help to control excess oil production. With this ingredient being so deeply hydrating, it increases water content in the skin as opposed to the level of oils; there are also astringent properties in roses that help to lift dirt and oil from the skin to help it maintain its natural pH balance.

More Expert Recommended DIY Remedies with Rose: 

Body Care with Rose:

Rose mask for underarms: Mix Sandalwood powder with Rose water and apply it on the body, especially underarms to reduce body odour. This will keep the skin soft and fragrant throughout the day.

Rose foot mask:

For summer you can add a few drops of Coconut Oil with Rose Petals and Milk to make a paste and apply a mask on the soles of the feet, to cool the body and remove excess heat.

Rose for bathing:

While taking steam or bath, put a few Rose petals in the water to add a natural glow to your skin. You can also infuse clean and dry freshly crushed Rose petals in Coconut Oil overnight.

Strain the oil to use it like a massage oil or a post bath oil to nourish and add glow to the skin. You can also use the Indian Rose After Bath Oil to seal moisture in your skin with the soothing fragrance of Rose.

How To Include Rose in Your Diet?

Try these delicious recipes made with fresh roses:

Gulaab Lassi: Rose Lassi Is A Fragrant, Refreshing And Cooling Lassi Variety Made With Fresh Yogurt, Rose Petals And Rose Syrup.

Take 1 cup fresh chilled Yogurt in a mixer or blender jar.

Add 1 cup chilled water, 10-12 dried Rose petals or 5-6 fresh Rose petals, 1-2 tsp Rose Water and 2-3 tbsp Rose Syrup.

Blend everything till smooth and till the lassi becomes frothy.

Pour in glasses and serve the Rose lassi with some sliced or chopped dry fruits like Almonds, Pistachios or Cashews.

Rose Mouth Freshener: Take a few roasted Cashews, Almonds and Fennel Seeds and coarsely grind them. You can add a teaspoon of dry Coconut powder too.

Add a tbsp of Gulkand (rose jam) and mix it gently. You can even add a pinch of Saffron.

Eat a spoonful post lunch.

Rose Sherbet: Grind fragrant and clean Rose petals with a few teaspoons of water and cook it with Sugar/Misri in 1:4 ratios till it becomes thicker.

You can add 1 or 2 tbsp of pure Rose water for its amazing fragrance.

Cool and store it in a glass bottle. Serve chilled.

Bottom line:

Full of antioxidants, antibacterial properties, nutrients, and minerals – rose essential oils and extracts are some of the best kept secrets in skincare. These skincare heavy-hitters are so versatile, they can treat everything from acne-prone skin to mature, dry skin with ease.

While a rose by any other name will smell just as sweet, rose ingredients will also help keep your skin revitalized, youthful, and glowing.

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