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Why Dried Fruits and Berries Are A Boon For The Skin!

Living life in the fast lane is not easy – we have to balance so many things on the regular that it becomes quite tolling on our mental and physical health. It is a vicious cycle if you cannot break it – you are overburdened with work and the shortage of time disallows you to take good care of your body (it means watching what you eat, working out, etc.). However, that cannot be the case if you want to live a longer and healthier life. With additives and preservatives being added to almost all of the food items to increase shelf-life and enhance taste and visual stimulation, respectively, we need to find alternatives that are healthy food options and contribute to the nourishment requirement of our bodies.

There are a lot of options that you can avail and start exploring to see what works for you. Now, some food items might be healthy but you may not like the way they taste. Others may be detrimental to your health but they might be appetizing. The trick is to go for neither. You have to find that middle ground food item that gives you both. Today, we will be talking about dried fruits and berries and how these are exemplary food items that can help maintain good skin and health.

Berries and Dried Fruits – Munch your way to better skin

As we age, our skin starts to get wrinkly and the quality also deprecates. It is indispensable that we ensure that we are presentable at all times and to do that, you need to take good care of the only apparel that you wear throughout your life – your skin. Berries and dried fruits are exceptionally effective in improving skin conditions among people of all ages. A lot of people are sceptical about this and that is why we have listed down the numerous ways in which consuming berries and dried fruits can help you get better and younger-looking skin:

  1. Restricts ageing prematurely – A fact that is known by almost everyone is that berries are loaded with antioxidants. These are natural compounds that help our body fight off free radicals that damage our cells. Our daily commuting and activities expose us to harmful UV radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, and other harmful toxic substances that harbour radical cells that damage the good cells in our body. Berries, being rich in antioxidants, cleanse our body from within by destroying these free radicals that are ultimately responsible for deteriorating the quality of skin in the human body.
  2. Prevents Skin Disorders – Dried are not only delectable but extremely nutritious as well. They are packed with essential minerals, proteins and vitamins that keep our body healthy and prevent various diseases. Cashews, for example, contain a substance called niacin which is the defence system against various skin disorders. The high concentration of niacin in dried fruits like cashews helps prevent pigmentation and even dermatitis. Another interesting thing to know about cashews is that it is rich in copper. Copper is great for the skin as it also helps combat free radicals that destroy cells and helps rejuvenate the skin to leave it feeling fresh and young.
  3. Dry Skin – A lot of people suffer from and struggle with dry skin. It is, quite frankly, a painful situation and makes the skin wrinkly and dry, making it unappealing and feeble. A great way to reduce and eventually get rid of dry skin is by consuming pistachios, regularly. Pistachio nuts contain a special kind of fat that moisturizes the skin, thereby taking away almost all of the dryness. It is a commonly used dry fruit when it comes to different massage therapies and even aromatherapy. Eating pistachios on the regular can give you younger-looking skin with a radiant glow. If you’re looking for an over-the-top anti-wrinkle cream to make your skin younger-looking, not making it look dry and making it more vibrant. We would suggest you read some Stemuderm reviews, most of the users experienced positive differences after using this product. You may definitely want to add this to your regime!
  1. Circulation – A lesser-known fact about berries is that they improve blood circulation in the body. The proper functioning of the entire human body is dependent on effective and efficient blood circulation at all times. Improper blood circulation throughout the body is what gives rise to different disorders and diseases, even skin disorders for that matter. So, if you want better and healthier skin, eating dry fruits like kismis every day is really important. The blood that is circulated throughout our body removes waste from the cells and delivers oxygen and nutrients. Eating berries will improve this blood circulation, thereby allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach the skin cells, keeping them hydrated and looking radiant at all times.
  2. Collagen synthesis – Berries are rich sources of anthocyanin which is responsible for enhancing collagen production in the body. Collage is what makes the skin soft and elastic, ensuring the skin layer is always plump and protected. Berries contain high concentrations of Vitamin C which also acts as a catalyst in the production and preservation of collagen in our body. The anthocyanin in berries prevents collagen breakdown and accentuates the production of collagen. Therefore, if you want glowing skin that feels smooth and supple, you need to ensure you include berries as a major constituent of your regular diet.
  3. Skin healing – Cuts and burns and other minor injuries to the skin may or may not leave lasting scars that take away from the glamour and glow of your skin. This is because the skin is unable to heal properly. However, dry berries, being rich sources of Vitamins K and C, accelerate the healing process, thereby reducing the chance of lasting scars. Also, when there is a cut or damage somehow, the skin observes acute inflammation whereby the free radicals outnumber the antioxidants in the body. Berries help with increasing the antioxidants in the body to combat these free radicals, thereby preserving the skin.

These are only 6 of the many ways in which consuming berries and dried fruits regularly can lead to younger, healthier and more radiant skin in a matter of days. 

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