Faithful Counseling Review: Is It Best Online Christian Therapy?

faithful counselling review

Faithful counseling is a Platform especially Designed for people who want a therapist with the same faith. If you are looking for a faith-based therapy solution then you have landed on the right page. Faithful counseling has over 1,000 counselors and the treatment plans therapist provide are based on religious beliefs and values.

Note: We Have tested the App independently and we are sharing our independent view of the service.

So Without ado let’s take a look at this faithful counseling review, it’s pricing, pros and cons, and more details.

Faithful Counseling Complete Overview:

Faithful counseling is faith-based online therapy. All Faithful counselors are experienced and provide different types of therapy from CBT to other therapy. Faithful counseling only provides therapy to individuals and does not provide teen or couple counseling.

Product NameFaithful Counseling Overview
UsabilityMobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPPA CompliantYes
Year Founded2017
PriceDepends on the offers (mostly begin with $35\week)
Payment optionsCredit card or PayPal
Free Trial AvailableNo Free Trial
Session TypesVideo, Chat, Voice, Messaging
Service offered Unlimited messaging and weekly real-time counseling sessions

Modes of Communication :

There are four ways to contact your Therapist:

1. Live Chat: Here you can schedule a live chat and discuss with your counselor via text.

2. Call: Here you can schedule an audio call with your counselor.

3. Private Room: This is 24*7 service provided by faithful. Here you can leave a message to Your therapist.

4. Video conferencing: Here you can do a video chat with your counselor.

Faithful Counseling Pricing:

Check out the updated pricing plans of faithful counseling. Faithful do not cover medical health insurance but if can’t afford therapy then financial aid is available for you.

faithful counseling Pricing

  • $80\week billed weekly: unlimited messages and live sessions for seven days
  • $65\week billed monthly: 4 weeks unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $260.
  • $45\week billed quarterly: 3 months unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $540.
  • $35\week billed yearly: 12 months unlimited messages and weekly live sessions for $1820.

Sign-Up Process at Faithful Counseling :

Sign-Up Process is very easy and it will take around 10-15 minutes to complete this process.

1. You need to fill out a short questionnaire. These questions will be about the symptoms, your religion, and your beliefs.

2. After completing the whole questionnaire, you need to sign up.

3. You will get an email that you have matched with the therapist and you will receive a link to chat room where you will be able to send messages immediately.

However, 2 of the testers face the issue of not getting the therapist of their choice. For example: if they filled of getting therapist of age below 30 but they got therapist of age 50.

Additionally, If you are not Christian or religious they also you can join faithful counseling.

Pros and Cons of Faithful Counseling:

Pros of Faithful CounselingCons of Faithful Counseling
You can always go for the degree for the religion involved in your therapy.You will be assigned to the therapist based on a questionnaire Means the process of automated.
Available for Desktop and mobile both.No Human Guide while Signing up.
Free seven days trial.Therapist Response time can vary.
Financial aid is Available.You have to complete a live assessment before therapy.
Free educational seminars.Sometimes The worksheet you will get from the therapist can be generic.
You got to know about your therapist before payment.
Non-believers can also opt for the services.

Confidentiality & Privacy of Faithful Counseling :

Just like all its sister sites BetterHelp and, Faithful Counseling focuses utmost on user privacy. All the therapists abide by the state rules. They have a shred button where you can disappear your messages + 256-bit encryption makes them more secure.

However, you can adopt a nickname while the signing up process and stay anonymous.

Bottom Line:

If you want to increase psychological and spiritual wellness with Christian background then faithful counseling is the best option for you. Out of 5, 3 testers rated faithful counseling 8 out of 10 and 2 testers rated its services 7.

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