Regain Counseling Review: Cost, Pros and Cons, Free Trial and More

Regain therapy Review

All Relationships have ups and downs. Sometimes it heals with time but sometimes not. Couple Therapy is considered a powerful process to fix ongoing relationship issues. Well, Regain Counseling has made this easy for you at your place only.

Yes, you have heard it right! is a famous online therapy platform that is committed to helping people in relationships. You can join regain individually or if you want join with your partner, Both ways.
So before starting your journey with regain is you want to check to regain counseling review, all its process, pricing, pros and cons, and my honest opinion about it.

So let’s get started.

Regain Counseling Complete Overview:

Regain counseling helps you to connect with Experienced relationship counselors. If we do a comparison of traditional counseling to regain then I must say Regain therapy is more affordable. Here are Brief Details about regain counseling.

Product NameRegain Online Therapy
UsabilityMobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPAA CompliantYes
Year Founded2016
PriceStarts from $40/ Week
Payment optionsCredit card or PayPal
Free Trial Available7 Day Free Trial (Limited Time Deal)
Session TypesVideo, Chat, Voice, Messaging
Service offeredUnlimited messaging and weekly real-time counseling sessions

Issues Resolved Through Regain Counseling:

Here are some couple based issues that can be resolved by Regain counseling.

Relationship challengesIntimacy issuesfamily conflicts
Overcoming conflictsImproving communicationCouple anger Issues
Personal strugglesseparation or divorcegrief

Regain Counseling Pricing:

Regain Price starts from $60-$80 for a week. For a monthly subscription, it will charge you $260. if you can not afford therapy you can always check if you are eligible for financial aid or not by clicking here.

Sign-Up Process at Regain Counseling:

  1. You can sign up from any device you are comfortable with(Mobile and Desktop both).
  2. Click on “Get Started.”
  3. Choose whether you want individual therapy or couple therapy, and if not decided yet choose Decide Later.
  4. Now Choose How you want regain to help you?
  5. Choose the criteria for your Therapist by Filling some basic questions.
  6. After This you will be landed to the page to create your private account.
  7. Next you will be asked about partner’s name, and if you want them to join with you, send an invite by filling their email or phone number.
  8. Now, you will receive a verification email Submit your code.
  9. Then you will be landed to the payment page.
  10. As This you will be matched with a counselor, and you can start conversation with your counsellor.

Note: If you want to Continue the session of your choice, I have also find an another way where you can choose your counsellor. In Mobile you might not see this option so I suggest you to start the process on Desktop.

Step 1: Follow this Link to Regain.
Step 2: Go to Review Section on Header.
Step 3: Here you will see number of therapist with their experience. Click on the therapist profile.
Step 4: If you are ok with the therapist Click on “Work with me ” option.
get started with your choice of therapist
Step 5: Now The Rest of the process is same.

Pros and Cons of Regain Counseling:

As Every coin has two side, in the same way regain did excellent job in some areas but also has some shortcoming. Here they are:

Pros of RegainCons of Regain
Specially Made for Couple counseling.You will be assigned to the therapist based on questionnaire , Matching Agent will work the best in the situation.
Available for Desktop and mobile both.No Human Guide while Signing up.
If couples are not at the same place can attend sessions together by texting.Therapist Response time can vary
Doesn’t cost extra to add your partner in therapy that make regain very affordable.No 3-way video or phone Therapy Available.
Taking Video sessions are encouraged.No Live Customer Support.
Because This Platform if for couples so therapist are experience in solving all sort of relationship issues.
They Provide worksheets for better result.

Confidentiality & Privacy of Regain:

Another reason why i am impressed with regain services is the privacy policies. In this All the therapist are abide by their state and federal laws. They are 256-bit SSL secured plus and do not deal with insurance company. They are very much serious about user privacy that is why even regain dont have access to user chatroom.

Is Regain Legit and Worth the Money?

If you need relationship and couple counseling, I strongly recommend ReGain over traditional therapy. In traditional therapy you will have to pay around $150-200 per month thats make regain more affordable and convenient to use.

if I compare regain to talkspace :

Available for Desktop and mobile both.Available for Desktop and mobile both.
$70/week (billed $1,068 every three months).$99/week (billed $396 per month)
Specialize for Couple or relationship issueFocuses more on Individual treatment

So i strongly suggest you to go for regain. If you are ready to join Regain Get Started Clicking below. if you are in Crisis or you found other person in danger try contacting here.

Final Verdict:

To conclude here i want to say that Therapist of Regain are Very helpful and the whole process is convenient. If they add 3 way video calling to their services, it will be super duper exciting. Another than this My experience with regain was very smooth and It really helped to work on my relationships and make them better.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I change my therapist in Regain?

yes, you can change your therapist anytime. For this in your profile setting click on “Change Counselor” option and select the therapist you want or you choose your therapist prior by Following the Sign up process Given Above.

2. Is regain owned by BetterHelp?

Yes , Regain is the sister site of betterhelp that completely focuses  to resolve relationships issues.

3. Can I Stay Anonymous?

The answer is yes. whiling signing up you can pick any “nick name”. Therapist will only ask you details for emergency situation if they find that you and your partner is in danger.

4. How to Stop My Subscription Plan?

Click on the icon in the top right corner > Click on “Billing Settings”  > then click “Quit Counseling.”  Now you will get confirmation message that “Your subscription will not be renewed”.

If you have more question about Regain feel free to drop the comment. I will answer all them or you can check the official site of regain.

Up until Next Time, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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