10 Om Tattoo Designs and Ideas 2023

om tattoo design on neck

When your hear the word om, you mind connect it to our religion and spirituality. To stay Connected with the religion many people prefer to have om tattoo design on their body parts like hand, arm or back. Sometimes they cant think of the perfect om tattoo design.

So we have researched about this and come up some of the best om tattoo for both men and women. Lets get started.

Om Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women

Here are the most creative om tattoo designs that you want to instantly get inked.

1. Simple On Tattoo design

Isn’t this Design looks gorgeous? the Curve Detailing of this tattoo with flowy black pattern is enough to get attention.

simple om tattoo design

2. Buddha Design + Om Tattoo Design

The Om tattoo design with Buddha face is very mesmerizing. The Dotted Detailing around the buddha makes it look more appealing. You can make this tattoo design on your wrist as well as on your back and this tattoo design is suitable for both men and women.

Best-Small-Om-Tattoo with buddha

3. Trishul Of Shiva Om Tattoo Design:

When we think about getting inked with om tattoo design, another sign of lord shiva comes in mind that trisula. Below Tattoo design is exact representation of that. With very minimal detailing of Om Sign with trishula, Gives you complete sense of lord shiva.

om tattoo design with trishool

4. Om Tattoo Designs On Neck:

Many people prefer to have tattoo on their neck, well we have got om tattoo design according to your preference. This tattoo with flower detailing looks very astonishing. You can have this design on your back and your wrist too.


5. 3D Om Tattoo Design :

Now comes to 3D Design Of Tattoo. If you Want to Give your tattoo a 3D Feel then below design is perfect for you. the Lines and Shadow in this tattoo is so flowy everyone can only say a word “marvellous”.

What’s Your Take on this?


6. Om Tattoo Design With Mandala

are you fond of mandala? What if i say you can include mandala design in your om Sign tattoo. Yes your hear me right. The Mandala Design Around the Om Sign not only looks amazing but gives you sense of spirituality. You can customize the mandala look with any of your favorite word or Phrase.

simple om tattoo design mandala
simple om tattoo design with mandala

7. Om Tattoo Design With Mantra

Mantra Plays a very important role when it comes to religion or spirituality. Why Dont include in our tattoo design too? Yes These Curve lines around the Om Design and carved with mantra not only looks appealing but auspicious too.

simple om tattoo design with mantra

8. Om Tattoo Design with Sun Sign

This om Design with Sun Sign border add elegance to the whole design. You can have this design on your arm, wrist and on your back too.

om design with sun sign

9. Om Tattoo Designs On Hand:

Comes to the Most Common part where people prefer to have tattoo. Below Design with lotus Sign Gives this Whole tattoo a feminine look.

simple om tattoo design on wrist

simple om tattoo design with flower

these Flowy lines and Dots around the om tattoo design is very simple but authentic.

simple om tattoo design with dots


om tattoo design on wrist


om tattoo design side arm

elegantom tattoo design

om tattoo designs

10. Om Tattoo Design on Fingers

Dont want a Big Design on om sign? Well you can just have a small size tattoo over your finger. generally Girl Prefer this kind Of tattoo Design. This Tattoo design and Very simple and easy to create. You have make circle or some design around this om sign and give it a ring look.

om tattoo design on finger 1

om tattoo designs on finger 2

Final Words:

I hope These Design are Om Sign is Helpful to get the inspiration for your tattoo Design. If you haven’t Think about the tattoo Design Do not hurry, take some time to find What truly inspire you the most. Let us know in comment which tattoo design you found most creative.

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